Scarecrow toadfish

The Scarecrow toadfish lives in the demersal, marine environment.

The scarecrow toadfish: Habitat, abundance and size at maturity at Bimini, Bahamas The scarless heart and the MRL mouse The scarlet dye of the holy land The scatter factor/hepatocyte growth factor: c-Met pathway in human embryonal central nervous system tumor malignancy More

The scarecrow toadfish: habitat, abundance and size at maturity at Bimini, Bahamas pp. 248-252(5) Authors: Newman, S. P.; Gruber, S. H.; Handy, R. D. Exposure to a common environment erodes inherited between-population trophic morphology differences in Arctic charr pp. More

Common names

Sapo de boca negra in Spanish (español)
scarecrow toadfish in English
瘦体豹蟾鱼 in Mandarin Chinese
瘦体豹蟾鱼 in Unknown
瘦體豹蟾魚 in Mandarin Chinese
瘦體豹蟾魚 in Unknown

Order : Batrachoidiformes
Family : Batrachoididae
Genus : Opsanus
Species : Opsanus phobetron
Authority : Walters and Robins, 1961