Tide-water silverside

Inland silversides are quite elongate even for silverside, with lengths 6 to 7 times depth.

The Tide-water silverside lives in the pelagic-neritic, freshwater, brackish, marine, depth range 0 - m environment.

Nothing known about the Tide-water silverside

Common names

Capucette nord-americaine in French (français)
inland silverside in English
Menidia berylka in Polish (polski)
mississippi silverside in English
Mississippi-stribefisk in Danish (dansk)
plateadito salado in Spanish (español)
Sydlig silversida in Swedish (Svenska)
Tide-water silverside in English
Tidewater silverside in English
Waxen silverside in English
美洲原銀漢魚 in Mandarin Chinese
美洲原银汉鱼 in Mandarin Chinese

Order : Atheriniformes
Family : Atherinopsidae
Genus : Menidia
Species : Menidia beryllina
Authority : Cope, 1867