Silverside is a cut of beef from the hindquarter of cattle, just above the leg cut. It gets its name because of the "silverwall" on the side of the cut. More

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The silverside grows to a length of about 5½ inches, adults usually running 4 to 4½ inches long. Habits— - Silversides tend to congregate in schools usually made up of even-sized individuals. More

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The Atlantic silverside, Menidia menidia, is one of the most common fish in the Chesapeake Bay. It is a common subject of scientific research because has a sensitivity to environmental changes. The fish is about 15 cm long, mostly silver and white. More

californiensis, jacksmelt - a relatively large silversides of the Pacific coast of North America (known to reach 18 inches in length) Translationssilverside n (Culin) → culaccio di manzo - silverside n (Culin) → culaccio di manzo How More

Frozen silverside for large carnivorous fish and aggressive feeders * Whole, clean silverside harvested at peak season for maximum size and nutrition * Silversides are an excellent source of marine protein and oils More

SILVERSIDE is a covers group formed in Coventry in March of 2008. The group plays popular high quality contemporary covers. All of the members are experienced musicians & have played many styles of music over the years. More

The Atlantic silverside is a long, slender, and thin-bodied fish with two dorsal fins, a rounded white belly, and large scales. It has a short head with large eyes and a small mouth. More

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Show IPA Use silverside in a SentenceSee images of silversideSearch silverside on the Web–noun 1. Chiefly British. a rump roast of beef, esp. one taken from the crown of the rump. 2. silversides. More

REMARKS: The type of locality of the silverside shiner is the Alabama River near Holly Ferry crossing, Wilcox County, Alabama. ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: The silverside shiner was described by Suttkus in 1980. More

This species resembles the common silverside so closely in general appearance that it would be apt to be overlooked among the schools of the latter were it not paler in color, and stouter bodied as a rule. More

Brook - Brook silversides are a surface feeding fish often found in the quieter sections of larger waters traveling in schools. More

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H&G silverside smelt, Size 10/15 cm and 15/20 length, pack depends on customers specifications, FOB price USD1500/tn Del Sur S.A. 6. Silverside - 1cake/bag about 25kg/box China HaoYue(group)co. More

silverside definition ☆ silver·side (sil′vər sīd′) noun any of a family (Atherinidae, order Atheriniformes) of small, mostly marine bony fishes with silver stripes along the sidesalso silversides sil′ver·sides′ Comments More

The Atlantic Silverside's spawning cycle is related to the lunar cycle. Spawning most often place during full moons at high tide. Distribution Coastal: Nova Scotia to Florida. More

Waccamaw Silverside in North Carolina - WACCAMAW SILVERSIDE Menidia extensa STATUS: Threatened DESCRIPTION: The Waccamaw silverside, also known as skipjack or glass minnow, is a small (growing to about 2. More

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Order : Atheriniformes
Family : Atherinopsidae
Genus : Chirostoma
Species : Chirostoma estor
Authority : Jordan, 1880