European sturgeon

The English name comes from the Russian белуга or белуха which derives from the word белый , meaning white.

The European sturgeon is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The European sturgeon (Acipenser sturio) is an endangered diadromous fish species that spawns in the rivers in late spring and early summer. The juveniles spend their first years in the brackish waters (5‰ to 25‰) of the estuary zone before moving out to sea. More

European sturgeon was extinct since some centuries and was populated since then by the Atlantic sturgeon. More

The adult European Sturgeon lives most of its life in the sea. In the spring, the males leave the sea, stop feeding and migrate upstream to breed. More

The nearly extinct European sturgeon, once so widespread it was known as the common sturgeon, has received a measure of protection that may help it survive. More

attempts to save the European sturgeon? What is the impact on the restoration of water quality and habitats and the implementation of methods to be used for the sustainable use of resources and aquatic environments? Can we expect positive effects on other species, for example More

Until now, only the European sturgeon (Acipenser sturio) has been listed in France. However, other species may have been present in the past but no longer be present today. In order to identify them, scientists particularly make use of inventories, historical documents and museum collections. More

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endangered European sturgeon which was adopted in Strasburg today. Minister Gabriel pointed out: "Germany will fulfil its obligations as regards the conservation of the sturgeon and start developing a national action plan in 2008. More

a first stock of 7000 European sturgeon larvae in the Garonne and Dordogne rivers, Cemagref researchers have achieved a second very significant feat with two new artificial reproduction operations, which will make it possible to increase the attempts at restoring the largest migrating fish of the European More

Since the Little Ice Age had forced the European sturgeon to move to the South, it was actually the American sturgeon, that migrated to the Baltic Sea on its own, and that was sometimes on the table of our great-grandparents until around 100 years ago. More

Second, the European sturgeon prefers a life in the warm and clean sewage of a paper mill to a life among scientists. Another lesson is - third - that political correctness on biodiversity is not very helpful. More

The European sturgeon (Acipenser sturio), the indigenous sturgeon of the North-East Atlantic, is a critically endangered species. Each year, the bycatch at sea diminishes the low population size even further. The sturgeon is considered to be the largest migratory fish in western Europe. More

Beluga, European Sturgeon, Giant Sturgeon, Great Sturgeon Assessment Information - Red List Category & Criteria: Endangered A2d ver 2. More

techniques on European sturgeon when there are so few of them left, so they are testing the methods on relatives from Siberia, Acipenser baeri. More

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of the key persons in European sturgeon culture is about to retire. We wish to thank Patrick Williot for his continued engagement in practical and scientific work to save this species. More

Protection of the European sturgeon depends largely on our capacity to reconcile the development of human activities and the conservation of quality environment. This challenge is just as important as the protection of other more famous threatened species (the African elephant, the Bengal tiger, etc.). More

Order : Acipenseriformes
Family : Acipenseridae
Genus : Huso
Species : Huso huso
Authority : Linnaeus, 1758