Baikal sturgeon

The Baikal sturgeon lives in the demersal, potamodromous, freshwater environment.

The Baikal sturgeon, Acipenser baerii baicalensis, is a sturgeon indigenous to Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia. It feeds mainly on larvae. The Baikal sturgeon migrates around the lake along its shoreline. Not long ago, sturgeons weighing 125 kilograms were not uncommon. More

* Baikal sturgeon, Acipenser baerii baicalensis * Shortnose sturgeon, Acipenser brevirostrum * Yangtze sturgeon, Acipenser dabryanus More

Baikal Sturgeon is only found in this lake. The copyright of the article Saltwater Fish in Freshwater Lakes in Freshwater Fish is owned by Douglas DuHamel. More

Baikal sturgeon (the subspecies of siberian sturgeon) is listed to the Russia Red Book. During 50 years Baikal sturgeon can achieve 1,8 m in the length being near 130 kg in weight. The feed of the sturgeon is bottom invertebrate animals and small fish. More

the major spawning ground for Baikal sturgeon, which undertakes spawning migrations in this river. In Mongolia it enters the rivers Orhon, Tula, and Dergen Moron. There are two migrations during the warmer part of the year. More

The Baikal sturgeon can use the sponge as food. Among a great variety of the worms inhabiting Baikal, unusual and plentiful are the flat ciliary worms. More

the lake's ichthio-fauna is taken by the Baikal sturgeon, which largely inhabit the areas of the Baikal's major tributaries: the delta zone of the Selenga River, Proval Gap, Chivyrkuy and Barguzin Bays. More

Baikal Sturgeon, Siberian Baikal Sturgeon Description - Family Acipenseridae Cold to temperate waters of the Northern Hemisphere. Anadromous or restricted to freshwater . Body with 5 rows of scutes . More

Order : Acipenseriformes
Family : Acipenseridae
Genus : Acipenser
Species : Acipenser baerii baicalensis
Authority : Nikolskii,1896