Genus Sceloglaux


Laughing Owl - The Laughing Owl's plumage was yellowish-brown striped with dark brown. There were white straps on the scapulars, and occasionally the hind neck. Mantle feathers were edged with white. The wings and tail had light brown bars. The tarsus had yellowish to reddish-buff feathers. The facial disc was white behind and below the eyes, fading to grey with brown stripes towards the centre. Some birds were more rufous, with a brown facial disk; this was at first attributed to subspecific differences, but is probably better related to individual variation. There are indications that males were more often of the richly colored morph . The eyes were very dark orange. Its length was 35.5-40 cm and wing length 26.4 cm , with males being smaller than females. Weight was around 600 grams.

Order : Strigiformes
Family : Strigidae
Genus : Sceloglaux