Australian parrot

The Night Parrot is a small broad-tailed parrot endemic to the continent of Australia. The species was originally placed within its own genus , The well-known budgerigar is a not-too-distant relative of these birds.

The Australian parrot is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

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* Most Australian parrots have a single clutch per year. (Neophemas may have more than one) * For most Australian parrots, incubation is in the range 18 - 21 days. * For most Australian parrots, fledging occurs in the range 4 - 5 weeks. More

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princess parrot photo* An Australian Parrot (Click on photo to enlarge) * Scientific Name: Polytelis alexandrae * Common Name/s: PRINCESS PARROT, ALEXANDRA'S PARROT, PRINCESS OF WALES PARAKEET, PRINCESS ALEXANDRA'S PARROT. * Sub Species: None * Origin / Distribution: Interior of central and western Australia. * Habitat In Wild: Nomadic species. Various habitats including desert to mountain ranges. More

Breeding, feeding, housing of Rosellas and Australian parrots for recreational and conservation purposes. ... Pale headed Rosella. Western Rosella. Yellow Rosella ... Rosella Species = Adelaide Rosellas. Blue-cheeked or Pale-headed Rosellas. Brown's Rosellas (Northern Rosella) ... Western Rosellas. White-cheeked Mealy Rosellas (Pale-headed Rosellas) ... More

Previous editions of Australian Parrots have been widely acclaimed as the standard reference works on these spectacular birds for almost forty years. Joseph Forshaw and William Cooper have now prepared this fully revised, greatly expanded third edition, another outstanding production from this world-renowned partnership and the most comprehensive account of Australia's cockatoos, lorikeets, and parrots. To accommodate taxonomic changes, some new paintings have been prepared by William Cooper, and these enhance both the visual attractiveness and scientific accuracy of the book. More

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Pezoporus
Species : occidentalis
Authority : Gould, 1861