Imperial Amazon

The Imperial Amazon is endemic to mountain forests of the Caribbean island nation of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles, Its diet consists mainly of fruits and seeds. It nests in hollow trees.

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The Imperial Amazon is classified as Endangered (EN), considered to be facing a very high risk of extinction in the wild.

The Imperial Amazon is endemic to mountain forests of the Caribbean island nation of Dominica in the Lesser Antilles, where it is the national bird and is featured on the Dominican flag. Its diet consists mainly of fruits and seeds. It nests in hollow trees. More

The Imperial Amazon or Parrot (Amazona imperialis) is also known as the Dominican Amazon, August Amazon, or Sisserou Parrot. This parrot is recognized as the National Bird of Dominica and is prominently displayed on this island nation's Coat of Arms, the National Flag, The Public Seal, The Mace of the House of Assembly and Dominica’s Honours for Meritorious Service to the Country. These shy and attractive parrots have lived on the island for several hundred thousand years. More

beautiful, the Imperial Amazon Parrot is truly spectacular. As the largest of the Amazona species, it is also one of the rarest parrots in the entire world. Both the male and female look similar in appearance. For example, they both have a dark maroon/purple coloring on the head with green/blue feathers. The ear coverts are a red/brown color and the cheeks maroon. The upper portion of the Imperial Amazon Parrot is green but the edges of the feathers are red. More

Description: The Imperial Amazon of Dominica is arguably one of the most striking members of the genus Amazona. This large, impressive parrot is characterized by vivid purple feathers tipped in black that cover the head and chest, along with deep green featheres on the wings, back and tail. The beak and feet are greyish-black and the birds' iris is bright orange. Known locally as the Sisserou, the Imperial is not sexually dimorphic, and males and females are nearly identical in appearance. More

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Female imperial Amazon on perch Female imperial Amazon on perchPrint factsheet Facts - Also known as: imperial parrot, sisserou Spanish: Amazona Imperial Kingdom Animalia Phylum Chordata Class Aves Order Psittaciformes Family Psittacidae Genus More

The Imperial Amazon only occurs on the Caribbean Island of Dominica. They inhabit mountainous rainforest and can typically be seen flying alone, in pairs or trios. They are listed by CITES as Appendix 1, the threats they have to contend with are the destruction of their forest habitat, hurricanes and competition with owls and other birds for nest cavities. Like many Amazon parrot species their diet consists of a wide variety of fruits, nuts and local vegetation, including bromeliads. More

Imperial Amazon in wild © Paul Reillo | Imperial Amazon fledgling © Paul Reillo | Imperial Amazon pair © Paul Reillo | Female Imperial Amazon © Paul Reillo | Imperial Amazon perched © Paul Reillo | http://www.rarespecies. More

Images Female imperial Amazon on perch The imperial Amazon is a spectacular parrot and the national bird of Dominica. It is the largest member of the genus Amazona, and is one of the rarest parrots in the world. The two sexes are similar in appearance, with a dark maroon-purple head ... More

Imperial Amazon, locally known as the Sisserou Parrot, is the national symbol of Dominica and is the largest, and probably the rarest, of the Amazon parrots. A reclusive inhabitant of the montane rainforests on the slopes of the Morne Diablotin volcano in Dominica, the Imperial Amazon was feared to have gone extinct after Hurricane David hit Dominica in 1979. More

Did You Know?The Imperial Amazon is the largest of the amazons at 45cm (17.5 in), 900g (31.5 oz). Species Profile Genus: Amazona Species: imperialis Size: Adult Weight: 48 cm (18.7 in) 900g (31.5 oz) - males 650g (22. More

GENERAL NEWS - The Imperial Amazon of Dominica, the World's Rarest Amazon Parrot - * The Imperial Amazon of Dominica The World's Rarest Amazon Parrot Imperial amazon parrot Urgent efforts are underway to save this large and beautiful bird from extinction. More

Imperial Amazon Amazona imperialis 2009 IUCN Red List Category (as evaluated by BirdLife International - the official Red List Authority for birds for IUCN): Endangered Justification Conservation action has slowly begun to improve the status of this species. Numbers have increased in recent years, but there are still fewer than 250 mature individuals, qualifying the species as Endangered. More

Imperial Amazon Audubon Plush Bird $8.50 Imperial Amazon Audubon Plush Bird Click to enlarge Imperial Amazon Audubon Bird, 6 inches, from Wild Republic While Amazon Parrots are found throughout Central and South America, extremely rare Imperial Amazons are found only on the island of Dominica in the Caribbean Sea. More

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Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Amazona
Species : imperialis
Authority : Richmond, 1899