St. Vincent Amazon

40 cm long, mostly green, multi-colored amazon parrot with a yellowish white, blue and green head, greenish-bronze upperparts, grey feet, reddish eye, and violet blue-green wings. Its tail feathers are blue with broad yellow tips. There is a less yellow-brown morph and a less common green morph. It has grey feet and reddish eyes. Both sexes are similar. The young has lighter plumage and brown iris.

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The St. Vincent Amazon is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

The St. Vincent Amazon is endemic to moist hill forests of the Caribbean island of Saint Vincent in the Lesser Antilles. Its diet consists mainly of fruits, nuts, flowers and seeds. The female usually lays one to two eggs. Conservation and status - The Nicholas Wildlife Aviary Complex, located within the Botanic Gardens St. Vincent maintains a vital captive breeding and conservation program to conserve the St Vincent Parrot. More

St. Vincent Amazon chewing on tree branch © World Parrot Trust St. Vincent Amazon in captivity © Anthony Snell St. Vincent Amazon profile © World Parrot Trust St. Vincent Amazon foraging on ground © World Parrot Trust St. More

Rare St. Vincent Amazon Parrot Born At Houston Zoo = Zoo welcomes Vincent, the third of her species born in captivity - By Erin O'Brien Posted: August 1, 2008, 3 p.m. EDT Photo Courtesy Houston Zoo At only 49 days old, Vincent exemplifies the colorful look of the St. Vincent Amazon species . The Houston Zoo welcomed the birth of Vincent, a female St. Vincent Amazon parrot, on May 28, 2008. More

St. Vincent Amazon Parrot (brown morph) chewing on a small branch Credit: © Sam Williams photos Photos videoVideo 1 eNewsletter SIGNUP FOR EMAIL UPDATES Did You Know?The St. Vincent Amazon has two morphs (colourations) - green and orange/brown. More

St. Vincent Amazon parrots, miles from their natural habitat and oblivious to the plight of their relatives on an island in the Caribbean Sea, live a protected life at the World of Birds exhibit. But private collectors prize such animals�each might command over $10,000�helping to create a demand that often outstrips the supply of legally available birds and fuels illegal trafficking. This demand, on top of natural hazards and the St. Vincent Amazon parrot's small range, has put the species at risk for extinction. More

Plush - 6 inch St. Vincent Amazon Pricing Information Item SKU: GIFT-PLUSH6-STV Our Price: $6.99 Qty: Plush - 6 inch St. Vincent Amazon Product information: St. Vincent 6 inch size plush stuffed parrot toy.. Sound chips were discontinued by the manufacturer. More

plight of the St. Vincent Amazon has been an ongoing one for a number of years . His paintings reflect an intense understanding of the animal he portrays, well-evidenced in this outstanding work of a St. Vincent trio in their rainforest habitat. Wayne's travles throughtout Africa, Central America and the Caribbean have been extensive. Galleries in Nairobi, London, Frankfurt, Toronto, San Francisco and Los Angeles are successfully selling Wayne E. Smyth's work. More

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St. Vincent Amazon ParrotAnother oddly marked (for an Amazon parrot) Caribbean island denizen, this parrot’s plumage contains a good deal of black, blue and violet, offset by orange, red and white about the head. Advanced aviculturists and several zoos are working to produce captive offspring to offset the massive decline in the wild population. Image referenced from Wikipedia and originally posted by Stavenn. Yellow-Billed Amazon, A. collaria and Black-Billed Amazon, A. More

The St. Vincent Amazon is a large, heavy parrot with a length of about 40 cm. The forehead, forecrown, lores and the area around the eyes are creamy-white, merging to orange on the hindcrown and the throat. The ear coverts and the posterior of the cheeks are violet-blue. The long feathers of the nape and the hindneck are olive green tinged with blue and tipped with black; the foreneck is orange. It has bronze-brown feathers, tipped with black. The abdomen is suffused with green. More

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Vincent is the third St. Vincent Amazon Parrot born at the Houston Zoo, the only zoo in the country to house the rare species and the first in the world to hatch the species in captivity. Share Resources Sorry, your version of Flash doesn't support this video. Please download the latest version at On May 28, a tiny St. Vincent Amazon parrot pushed its way out of an egg at the Houston Zoo. The egg was the size of a large chestnut. More

Order : Psittaciformes
Family : Psittacidae
Genus : Amazona
Species : guildingii
Authority : (Vigors, 1837)