Genus Pelecanoides


Peruvian Diving Petrel - The Peruvian diving petrel has become locally extinct on many of its former colonies and nests nowadays only on a few offshore islands. A total population of 12 216 breeding pairs was estimated for San Gallán and La Vieja Islands in Peru, with some small additional breeding colonies reported for Corcovado Island in Peru, as well as Pan de Azucar Island, Choros islands, Grande and Pajaros islands in Chile. They breed year round, laying a single egg in a burrow dug into guano.


Magellanic Diving-Petrel - This 20cm bird is the easiest of its family to identify at sea. Like other diving petrels, it is a compact bird, mainly black above and white below, and similar in shape and size to a Little Auk, the resemblances with that unrelated seabird being due to convergence evolution, since both dive for fish.

Order : Procellariiformes
Family : Pelecanoididae
Genus : Pelecanoides