Genus Suiriri


Chapada flycatcher - It closely resembles the Suiriri Flycatcher of the subspecies affinis, and was included within it until being described in 2001. Compared to it, the Chapada Flycatcher has a broader pale tail-tip, a slightly shorter bill, and a different voice. It also has a distinctive wing-lifting display, which is lacking in the Suiriri Flycatcher.


Chaco Suiriri - The Suiriri Flycatcher has traditionally been split into two species, the southern Chaco Suiriri with a white belly and the northern Campo Suiriri with a yellow belly and a contrastingly pale rump, but they interbreed widely where they come into contact, and consequently most authorities now consider them to be part of a single species. It has been suggested that the taxon bahiae from north-eastern Brazil, which is considered a subspecies of S. affinis when that species is split from S. suiriri, actually is the result of hybridization between suiriri and affinis. For the most part it resembles the latter, but it lacks a contrastingly pale rump as the former.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Tyrannidae
Genus : Suiriri