Genus Myiornis


Black-capped Pygmy Tyrant - It is a species of the forest canopy, coming lower at edges and clearings, and in second growth and semi-open woodland. It occurs up to an altitude of 900 m. It is fairly common, except in arid areas. In Costa Rica and most of Panama it is restricted to the Caribbean lowlands, while essentially restricted to the humid parts of the Chocó further south. The female builds a 15 cm long pouch nest with a round side entrance, which is suspended from a thin branch 1-7 m high in a tree. The female incubates the two brown-blotched white eggs for 15–16 days to hatching.


Short-tailed Pygmy Tyrant - This bird is a resident of tall humid forests, but is occasionally found in more open woodland, specifically around treefalls and tall trees in clearings. It is fairly common through most of its range, but is easily overlooked - in part due to its insect or frog-like voice.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Tyrannidae
Genus : Myiornis