Genus Amblyornis


Yellow-fronted Gardener Bowerbird - An Indonesian endemic, the male builds a tower-like "maypole-type" bower decorated with colored fruit.


Vogelkop Bowerbird - The birds are about 25 cm in length, with the females being slightly smaller. They are mainly olive brown in colour, though somewhat paler below, with no ornamental plumage. This makes the species one of the dullest-coloured members of the bowerbird family with, however, one of the largest and most elaborate bowers.


Macgregor's Gardener Bowerbird - The polygamous male builds a tower-like "maypole-type" bower, with a central pole of twigs surrounded by a dish of moss with raised walls approximately 1 meter in diameter. He decorates the twigs of the maypole with flowers, fruits, insects and other objects. The diet consists mainly of fruits and insects. Bowerbirds are positioned roughly in the middle of the continuum of the "transfer effect" phenomenon observed among the different bowerbird species, whereby brilliant plumage evolves to more drab colors, while ornamentation is "transferred" to the behavior of creating elaborate bowers to demonstrate robust health instead.

Striped Gardener Bowerbird - The Streaked Bowerbird is a polygamous species. The nest is built by the male out of sticks. It has a characteristic hut shape with two entrances.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Ptilonorhynchidae
Genus : Amblyornis