Genus Antilophia


Araripe manakin - As typical of most manakins, males and females have a strong sexual dimorphism in the colors of the plumage. As in the Helmeted Manakin, it is a relatively large and long-tailed manakin, with a total length of c. 14.5 centimetres. The strikingly patterned males have a predominantely white plumage. With the exception of the white wing coverts, the wings are black as the tail. From the frontal tuft, over the crown, down to the middle back runs a carmine red patch. The iris is red. The females are mainly olive green and have pale green upperparts. They have a reduced olive green frontal tuft.


Helmeted Manakin - The Helmeted Manakin is a dimorphic species with the male being a black bird with a red crest; the female is a dull olivish green, with a reduced olive crest.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Pipridae
Genus : Antilophia