George Robert Gray of the British Museum named this species in honor of Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist and author of The Malay Archipelago, who discovered the bird in 1858. Following its original discovery, the Standardwing wasn't seen again for nearly 60 years, and then only a handful of times until 1953. No further sightings were reported until the British ornithologist David Bishop rediscovered the species in 1983 and began making the first detailed observations of its behaviour.

The Standardwing is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Standardwing · Lietuvių: Valacio rojaus paukštis · 日本語: シロハタフウチョウ · Wikispecies-logo.svg Wikispecies has information related to: Semioptera wallacii * Note: This is the only living species in the genus Semioptera * IUCN link: Semioptera wallacii Gould, 1859 (Least Concern) Semioptera wallacei by Bowdler Sharpe.jpg Malay Archipelago Wallace's Standardwing.jpg Retrieved from "http://commons.wikimedia. More

Standardwing, is a medium-sized, approximately 28 cm long, olive-brown bird of paradise. It is the only member in monotypic genus Semioptera. The male has a gloss violet-and-lilac colored crown and emerald green breast-shield. Its most striking features are two pairs of long white plumes coming out from the bend of the wing that can be raised or lowered at the bird’s will. The unadorned olive-brown female is smaller but has a longer tail than the male. More

Description: Wallace's Standardwing (Semioptera wallacii) is a passerine bird in the family of Birds of Paradise. Source: Whitney, William Dwight The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language (New York: The Century Co., 1911) 8: 5486 Keywords: birds of paradise, bird of paradise, Wallace's standardwing, semioptera wallacii, semioptera wallacei, passerine bird Copyright: 2009, Florida Center for Instructional Technology. More

Standardwing, Standardwing Bird of Paradise, Standard-wing Bird of Paradise, Standard-winged Bird of Paradise, Wallace's Standard-winged Bird of Paradise Bird Family : Paradisaeini - Birds of paradise Bird Group : PASSERIFORMES Red Data Status : Unspecified Remarks : Species endemic to the North Moluccas in Indonesia. More

Wallace's Standardwing Bird of Paradise. The most westerly species of this family and only species in its genus. Named after Alfred Wallace - father of biogeography. More

Halmahera and Wallace’s Greatest Prize: The Standardwing Bird of Paradise - Mon, 15/12/2008 - 05:43 — jneilson We boarded a tiny speedboat crammed with 27 other passengers from Ternate across to the comparatively large, resource-rich and still sparsely populated island of Halmahera. More

Wallace’s Greatest Prize: The Standardwing Bird of Paradise Revisiting Ternate: birthplace of natural selection In Search of Maleo Birds: North Sulawesi Sumatra trip delayed Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Singapore About this Blog News & Events - * Wallace News Blog * Wallace Events Wallace Info. More

Standardwing bird of paradise = Animal Encyclopedia: Standardwing bird of paradise - Home > Library > Animal Life > Animal Encyclopedia Semioptera wallacii SUBFAMILY Paradisaeinae TAXONOMY Semioptera wallacii Gray, 1859, near Labuha Village, Batchian (= Bacan Island). Two subspecies. More

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Information on Wallace’s standardwing is currently being researched and written and will appear here shortly. Authentication - This information is awaiting authentication by a species expert, and will be updated as soon as possible. If you are able to help please contact: References - 1. IUCN Red List (October, 2009) 2. More

The Wallace's Standardwing, Semioptera wallacii, is the only member in monotypic genus Semioptera. George Robert Gray of the British Museum named this species in honor of Alfred Russel Wallace, British naturalist and author of The Malay Archipelago, who discovered the bird in 1858. Description The Wallace's Standarwing is a medium-sized, approximately 28cm long, olive-brown bird of paradise. More

unique Wallace’s Standardwing, one of the most spectacular and bizarre birds-of-paradise. We will be able to watch this extraordinary species at one of its lek sites. Day 1: After a morning arrival in Manado, situated on the northern Minahassa peninsula, we shall transfer to the nearby Tangkoko-Dua Saudara National Park. As we approach the park we may encounter our first endemics; Purple-winged Roller, Sulawesi Crested Myna and White-rumped Cuckooshrike. More

Wallace’s Standardwing Bird of Paradise, Halmahera © Rob Hutchinson/Birdtour Asia This Sulawesi and Halmahera custom tour followed the same itinerary as our scheduled tours and proved extremely successful. More

Rezultati za: standardwingPrijevodi 1 - 1 of 1 Engleski Engleski Finski Finski standardwing molukkienparatiisilintu, Semioptera wallacii Vrijeme pretrage: 0.001 sec. O projektu - EUdict (European dictionary ili Europski rječnik) je skup više online rječnika za jezike koji se govore u Europskoj uniji ili u onim državama koje će tek postati članice Europske unije. More

Wallaces Standardwing Bird Of Paradise = Details and Links On Exotic plants Do you want to spice up your usual flower arrangement? Of course you do; flowers can make a beautiful addition to any home, but after a while you understandably get tired of seeing the same flowers over and over again. Go ahead and try something different in your vase. More

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Cliquez pour voir "Wallace's Standardwing" résultat 1 128 x 95 9 kb Wallace 's Standardwing - Semioptera wallacii Web 471x329 (18kb) Cliquez pour voir "Wallace's Standardwing" résultat 2 128 x 105 13 kb Author: BirdLife International Display start: Thursday 11 November 2004 Cliquez pour voir "Wallace's Standardwing" résultat 3 128 x 106 4 kb Morten Strange The enigmatic Wallace’s Standardwing is one of Halmahera's special birds Zoom In Hist... More

Morten Strange The enigmatic Wallace’s Standardwing is one of Halmahera's special birds Zoom In Hist... Klicka för att visa "Wallace's Standardwing" result 4 128 x 99 11 kb Wallace's Standardwing is one of the unique birds found only on Halmahera. (Photo courtesy Morten St... More

Wallace’s Standardwing lekking tree at Labi Labi, on the northeastern limb of Halmahera, which featured in the peerless ‘Attenborough in Paradise’, has been cut down. This now means that the only known accessible lekking area is at KBP, about 3km from Anu’s homestead. The pulp mill at Sidangoli We took a flight from Manado in Sulawesi to the mighty volcano island of Ternate, the gateway to Halmahera. More

trip to Labi-Labi for the famous Standardwing lek, of course. We used information from many sources but in particular reports from Wim Heylen (Halmahera), Jon Hornbuckle and Roger Ahlman were useful — many thanks to them. Additionally, help was received from Rob Hutchinson, Hans Matheve, Sam Woods, Ian Merrill, Erik Emanuelsson, Dave Gandy, Pete Wood, Kris Tindige and Steve Smith, so many thanks to them all too. More

20 Standardwing's lekking for at least one hour was the experience of a lifetime. The areas we visited around Sidangoli were very birdy. We also crossed over to the East and drove north to visit the Pago tribe. It's members having fought invaders with bow and arrow, sword and shield. Very powerful. "Real war" was a phrase used by a Dutchman we met later in Sulawesi when referring to the religious conflict on Halmahera. More

Standardwing (Semioptera wallacii) by Mike Catsis from Indonesia XC18813 :: Standardwing (Semioptera wallacii halmaherae) = Recording data Recordist Mike Catsis Date 01-08-2007 Time 05:00 Country Indonesia Location Near Kali Batu Putih, Halmahera Longitude not specified Latitude More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Paradisaeidae
Genus : Semioptera
Species : wallacii
Authority : Gould, 1859