Genus Toxostoma


Bendire's thrasher - Bendire's Thrasher is 23–28 cm in length, with a long tail and a short bill. It is colored grayish-brown on its upperparts and has paler underparts with faint dark streaks. The eyes are bright yellow, and the tips of the tail are tipped with white.


Grey Thrasher - It is about 25 cm long. It is gray-brown above while the underparts are white with arrow-shaped black spots. The outer tail-feathers have white tips.

Curve-billed thrasher - The Curve-billed Thrasher is generally 25 to 28 cm in length, slender in build with a long tail, and a long, curved, sickle-shaped bill. It is pale grayish-brown above with lighter-colored underparts that are vaguely streaked. The tips of the tail are streaked with white, and the sides of the tail are a darker color than its back. The eye of an adult is usually a vivid orange or red-orange, although immature birds have a yellow eye.


Cozumel Thrasher - This bird has brown upperparts and white underparts with black streaks. It has a grey face, a long black bill with a downward curve and two white wing bars.

Desert thrasher - Le Conte's Thrasher is named for American entomologist John Lawrence LeConte.

Long-billed thrasher - It is slender and long-tailed, averaging 26.5–29 cm in length


Ocellated Thrasher - It is about 30 cm long. Its upperparts are brown while the underparts are white with round black spots. The outer tail-feathers have narrow white tips. It has a long musical song with phrases of two or three notes.

California thrasher - At about 12 inches and nearly 85 grams , the California Thrasher is the largest species of mimid. It is generally brown, with buffy underparts and undertail . It has a dark cheek pattern and eye-line, and unlike most thrashers, has dark eyes.

Brown Thrasher - The Brown Thrasher is bright reddish-brown above with thin, dark streaks on its buffy underparts. Its long rufous tail is rounded with paler corners. Adults average about 11.5 in in length with a wingspan of 13 in , and have an average mass of 2.4 oz .

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Mimidae
Genus : Toxostoma