Genus Telespiza

Laysan Finch - The Laysan Finch is a large honeycreeper with a heavy bill. Overall the male has yellow plumage with a whitish belly and a grey neck. The female is duller than the male, with brown streaking. It is almost impossible to confuse the Laysan Finch with any other bird in the field as it is the only passerine species found on the few islands it lives on.

Nihoa Finch - The Nihoa Finch is one of the two endemic bird species of the tiny Hawaiian island Nihoa, the other being the Nihoa Millerbird. When it was classified in 1917, scientists thought that it would be the last endemic species named. This was later found untrue. The island's population is 1000-3000 birds. The Nihoa Finch was put down on the Endangered Species List by the US.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Fringillidae
Genus : Telespiza