Genus Himatione

Apapane - The bird is considered to be an active singer. The males are known for their singing patterns at all times of the day. They have six different calls and about ten different recorded song patterns. The contact call or song of a male ʻApapane is mainly used for mate attraction and breeding. The male who is most aggressive and sings the loudest is the one who wins the females' attention. Once courtship and pair formation has been established, and copulation is complete, both male and female ʻApapane are involved in the nesting process. The male role is important for maintaining courtship feeding during the nest construction and incubation period. The male ʻApapane sings continuously during incubation, while the female does not sing at all. His loud whistling, and chirping sound chases other male birds away from the nesting tree, while he sits on an adjacent perch guarding the nest. The ʻApapane has two distinct flight patterns: straight flight and a circling flight.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Fringillidae
Genus : Himatione