Genus Drepanis


Black mamo - It measured 8 inches from bill to tail, and was black with faded white primaries and yellow at the base of the bill. The highly decurved bill was longer in the male. Often the forehead would be dusted with pollen of its favorite food, the Lobelia. The Mamo song was a group of nose whistles that sounded like a flute along with a long held out trill. This bird has had many names including Molokai Mamo, O’o nuku’umu, which meant "O’o with sucking beak", and Perking’s Mamo, after ornithologist RC.


Hawaii mamo - This bird was black with orange-yellow feathers on its legs, primary feathers, on its bottom and near the tail. It had small beady black eyes and was the centerpiece of portraits for some years. This bird had a slightly curving blackish yellow bill and it was long, some three inches long. This shy species that lived in the forest canopy and fed on nectar of lobelia that possessed curved, tubular flowers. It's call was a long, plaintive whistle.

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Fringillidae
Genus : Drepanis