Genus Tetrao


Caucasian Black Grouse - As with many gamebirds, the cock is larger than the hen , measuring 50–55 cm compared to her length of 37–42 cm. The cock is very distinctive, with all-black plumage, apart from red eyebrows, and a long, deeply forked tail. The female Caucasian Grouse is grey with dark barring, and has a cackling call.


Black-billed Capercaillie - The Black-billed Capercaillie is a large grouse species closely related to the more widespread Western Capercaillie. It is a sedentary species which breeds in the larch taiga forests of eastern Russia as well as parts of northern Mongolia and China.

Black Grouse - The Black Grouse or Blackgame is a large bird in the grouse family. It is a sedentary species, breeding across northern Eurasia in moorland and bog areas near to woodland, mostly boreal. The Black Grouse is closely related to the Caucasian Black Grouse. These birds have a group display or lek in early spring.

Eurasian Capercaillie - Also spelt Capercailzie , this species' name is derived from the Gaelic capull coille, meaning "horse of the woods".

Order : Galliformes
Family : Phasianidae
Genus : Tetrao