Genus Gallus

Red Jungle-fowl - The range of the true species stretches from northeast India eastwards across southern China and down into Malaysia, The Philippines and Indonesia. Junglefowl are established on several of the Hawaiian Islands, but these are feral descendents of domestic chickens. They can also be found on Christmas Island and the Marianas.


Ceylon Jungle-fowl - As with other junglefowl, the Sri Lankan Junglefowl is strongly sexually dimorphic: the male is much larger than the female, with more vivid plumage and a highly exaggerated wattle and comb.

Gray Junglefowl - The male has a black cape with ochre spots and the body plumage on a gray ground colour is finely patterned. The elongated neck feathers are dark and end in a small, hard, yellowish plate; this peculiar structure making them popular for making high-grade artificial flies. They lay 4 to 7 eggs which are pale creamy in a scrape. Eggs hatch in about 21 days. Although mostly seen on the ground, Grey Junglefowl fly into trees to escape predators and to roost. Call of male Other calls calls They feed on grains including bamboo seeds, berries, insects and termites.

Green Junglefowl - The coloration of the Green Junglefowl is sexually dichromatic. The male's plumage is dark and blackish at a distance. A closer view will reveal an iridescent mantle of gleaming scales reminiscent in colour and pattern to those seen in the Ocellated Turkey and Green Peafowl. Each scale is vivid blue at its base and moves through various shades of gold and bronzed green. Specialized plumes framing the throat of the male Green Junglefowl are highly light reflective and appear violet at the proximal and sky blue at the distal edges. The lesser coverts of the wing are a striking burned orange with bronzed black centers. The distal edges of the greater secondary coverts are vivid ocher. Like its distant cousin the Red Junglefowl, the breast and ventral regions are a dense light absorbing black. Like its closer relative the Ceylon Junglefowl, the male Green Junglefowl exhibits vivid 'windows' of bare facial skin that contrasts against the dark scarlet red of the face. The Green Junglefowl exhibits an ice blue cente

Order : Galliformes
Family : Phasianidae
Genus : Gallus