Everglade kite

Snail Kites are 45 cm long with a 120 cm wingspan. They have long, broad, and rounded wings. It is long-tailed, with a white rump and undertail coverts. The dark, deeply hooked beak is an adaptation to its diet.

The Everglade kite is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

the Everglade Kite in the United States. Special Sci. Rept. Wildl. No. 109, U.S.D.I., Bur. Sports Fisheries and Wildl., Washington, D.C. 21 pp. Sykes, P.W., Jr. 1987. Snail Kite nesting ecology in Florida. Florida Field Naturalist 15: 57-70. More

sociabilis plumbeus)—formerly known as the Everglade Kite—in the human-altered marshes of south Florida over a span of 11 years, 1968-1978. The bill of the Snail Kite is uniquely adapted for feeding almost exclusively on apple snails (Pomacea sp.), which makes them wetland obligates, and thus particularly susceptible to drought. More

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Everglade Kites feeding along the "fill" on the Kissimmee-Melbourne road about seven miles west of Mel- bourne, and it is very likely that they are to be found much to the northward of that point, for the marsh runs a considerable distance north. More

the Everglade Kites (Rostrhamus sociabilis) of Florida and the West Indies (= Cuba and the Isle of Pines). Compared with the nominate race of South and Central America, he stated that in plumbeus the general coloration is glaucous plumbeous rather than blackish plumbeous, and the wing coverts are paler, inclining towards brownish. This would be the adult male; Ridgway did not realize that the female always retains a mottled plumage. More

food habits of the Everglade kite, telling of its rarity, and appealing to the hunters to stop their slaughter. Share and Enjoy: * Digg * Sphinn * del.icio. More

The Everglade Kite is found only in Florida in the U.S., and there confined to the tropical Everglades. It is also found, however, in Cuba, eastern Mexico, Central America and eastern South America south to Argentina. In the Everglades its main food is the fresh-water snail. The beak of this Kite enables it to quickly remove the snail from its shell, giving it the name "Snail Hawk". More

the Everglade Kite in the United States. Special Sci. Rept. Wildl ... Gross Home Page http://www.tiem.utk.edu/~gross/ gross@tiem.utk.edu atlss.org/kite_mod.html Information about Raptors - Raptor Center at the University of ... : Hawk, Puerto Rican sharp-shinned (Accipiter striatus venator), E Kite, Everglade snail (Rostrhamus sociabilis plumbeus), E Owl, Mexican spotted (Strix occidentalis lucida), T Owl, northern spotted (Strix ... www.raptor.cvm.umn.edu/raptor/info/home.html Kite - Online Tips Kite: Kite - Best Place to find http://www.flymykite. More

The Everglade kite feeds exclusively on a large freshwater snail . The common types of England now rare , was once a scavenger in the streets of London . Other animal pictures Google Need more info type in animal name then put info at the end Need more pictures type in animal name then put pics at the end Return to Animal Pictures at Animal Trial All copyrights 2001-2006 to this website belong to animaltrial. More

The May/June edition of the Everglade Kite is now online in PDF format. More

Aspects of the topic Everglade kite are discussed in the following places at Britannica. Assorted References * characteristics (in kite (bird)) The snail kites, found only in the New World, also belong to the subfamily Milvinae. They have sickle-shaped beaks adapted to feeding on snails, their only food. More

Bird in danger - the Snail Kite, or Everglade Kite, is on the endangered species list. It lives in the Florida Everglades, and its only known enemy is man. - Sponsored Links An endangered species is one that is in immediate danger of extinction unless it or its habitat is completely protected. One such species is the Everglade Kite, or Snail Kite. The Snail Kite's only known enemy is man. More

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Order : Falconiformes
Family : Accipitridae
Genus : Rostrhamus
Species : sociabilis
Authority : (Vieillot, 1817)