Madagascar Fish Eagle

Its closest relative is the African Fish-eagle, Haliaeetus vocifer. Together, they form a distinct species pair lineage of sea-eagles, which separated soon after the divergence of the genus; they retain the ancestral dark beak, talon, and eye, but unlike other Haliaeetus species, they always have at least partially white tails, even while juvenile. As in other sea-eagle species pairs, one species has a tan head, while the other has a white one.

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The Madagascar Fish Eagle is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

Description: The Madagascar fish eagle is a large bird of prey found along the lakes, rivers and coastal waters of Madagascar's west coast. Its call is loud and melodious, similar to that of its close relative, the African fish eagle. The Madagascar fish eagle is threatened by hunting and loss of habitat. There is only a small and rapidly declining population left in the wild. More

ecology of the Madagascar Fish Eagle: Implications for conservation. PhD Thesis, University of Nottingham. 4. IUCN Red List (August, 2003) 5. CITES (August, 2003) 6. Meyburg, B.-U. (1986) Threatened and near-threatened diurnal birds of prey of the world. Birds of Prey Bulletin3: 1 - 12. 7. Langrand, O. (1990) Guide to the Birds of Madagascar. More

Peregrine Fund, Communities Stabilize Madagascar Fish Eagle Population = February 28, 2004 Malagasy fish eagle perched on top of broken tree trunkDespite damaging encroachment on its fish diet and forest habitat, the Madagascar fish eagle, one of the rarest birds of prey, is making a tentative comeback thanks to the guardianship of local fishing communities as part of a project by The Peregrine Fund in Madagascar. More

The Madagascar Fish Eagle is one of the world's rarest birds of prey, with a total population of less than 100. This eagle is in the same genus as the American Bald Eagle. Previous Next Contents: 1.Plants 2.Millipedes 3.Frogs 4.Tortoises 5.Snakes 6.Iguanid Lizards 7.Chameleons 8. More

This Madagascar Fish Eagle, Haliaeetus vociferoides, was seen along with two others at Lake Ampijoroabe near the Ampijoroa Forestry Station (Larry Barnes photo). Home Back Additional information about this image: Created by: Larry Barnes Published by: Missouri Botanical Garden Edited by: Debbie Windus Date edited: 2000/09/20 More

The island endemic Madagascar fish eagle (Haliaeetus vociferoides) is currently listed by IUCN as critically endangered, with a known population of 222 individuals recorded during the last survey in 1995. The species’ conservation status was assigned based on an assumption of a recent and continuing population decline. The fish eagle is currently patchily distributed along Madagascar’s western seaboard, with three areas of particularly high population density. More

Madagascar Fish Eagle - Haliaeetus vociferoides - The birds of ... - Madagascar Fish Eagle - Haliaeetus vociferoides - The birds of prey site of Haliaeetus vociferoides - Threatened Species in Madagascar - Conservation. Photos. Travel Tips. Tropical Fish. Guestbook. Contact. Haliaeetus IUCN Red List of Threatened Species - Haliaeetus vociferoides - Haliaeetus vociferoides. Taxonomy. Kingdom, ANIMALIA. Phylum, CHORDATA. Class, AVES. Boobook: Volume 19 - 1 - Status of the Madagascar fish eagle haliaeetus vociferoides in 1995. More

Order : Falconiformes
Family : Accipitridae
Genus : Haliaeetus
Species : vociferoides
Authority : Des Murs, 1845