Jackal Buzzard

The Jackal Buzzard is a 55–60 cm long African bird of prey with three main subspecies.

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The Jackal Buzzard is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Jackal Buzzard (Buteo rufofuscus) is a 55–60 cm long African bird of prey with three main subspecies. * B. r. rufofuscus – nominate South African form * B. r. augur – Ethiopia, Uganda, and southern Sudan westwards to the eastern Congo * B. r. archeri – Somalia The latter two forms are frequently given specific status as Augur Buzzard, B. augur, and Archer's Buzzard, B. archeri, respectively. More

The Jackal Buzzard is an endemic to south-west Africa (South Africa, Lesotho, and Swaziland, Namibia, and marginally into Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique), and is closely related to the similar and more northerly Augur Buzzard. Both are clearly members of the buteo group of raptors that includes the Eurasian Common Buzzard Buteo buteo and the North American Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis. Small ground mammals make up about 65% of the diet, but snakes, lizards, small ground birds, insects, and road-kill are also taken. More

Distribution of Jackal buzzard in southern Africa, based on statistical smoothing of the records from first SA Bird Atlas Project (© Animal Demography unit, University of Cape Town; smoothing by Birgit Erni and Francesca Little). Colours range from dark blue (most common) through to yellow (least common). See here for the latest distribution from the SABAP2. Movements and migrations Resident and locally nomadic, sometimes travelling long distances in response to food availability. More

The name of the jackal buzzard is derived from its call, which is similar to that of the jackal. They are a familiar sight among the rocky hills in many parts of South Africa, and can be seen soaring on thermals. Other names: Afrikaans - Rooiborsjakkalsvoël : Photographer: EcoTravel Africa As with most buzzards, the jackal buzzard perches on telephone poles and fences. More

The Jackal Buzzard (Buteo rufofuscus) is a 55-60 cm long African bird of prey. Description The adult South African Jackal Buzzard is strikingly plumaged. It is almost black above with a chestnut tail. The primary flight feathers are blackish and the secondaries off-white, both barred with black. Below the chin and around the throat is mainly white, and the rest of the under parts and the under wing coverts are rich rufous. More

Jackal Buzzard in flight PLease let me know what you think of this image. FYI this was taken in South Africa. Thanks for looking and for posting your feedback. Cheers - Mark Critiques Sumon Mukherjee , February 04, 2009; 10:33 P.M. Fantastic capture. 7/7 anon. Best regards. Monte Stinnett , February 04, 2009; 10:38 P.M. Good frontal position with good separation from bg. More

The Jackal Buzzard is a medium sized bird of prey found throughout most of South Africa and Namibia. Habitat is mainly mountainous country. Often seen hovering in thermals. The Jackal Buzzard hunts for small mammals such as the Dassie, birds as large as Francolin as well as snakes. The Jackal Buzzard nests on ledges or high up in trees. More

Jackal Buzzard cottage has a small bedroom downstairs with a double bed and electric blanket in winter. Fairly steep steps (not for the infirm) lead to a large bedroom upstairs which also has a double bed, electric blanket in winter and a lovely view. Downstairs there is a full bathroom with bath, shower, toilet and basin. More

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Comment : Jackal Buzzard lives in grassland, cultivated areas and Karoo scrub. It often nests in cliffs. This species is locally common and endemic to South Africa. Ce rapace vit dans les plaines herbeuses, les zones cultivées et les broussailles du Karoo. Il nidifie souvent sur les falaises. Cette espèce est localement commune et endémique de l'Afrique du Sud. More

Adult Jackal Buzzards have a dark, slate-grey head, throat and back. The breast is usually dark rufous- or chestnut-brown although Namibian birds often show a whitish breast. The belly is mottled black-and-white and the tail is a rich, red-brown. The secondaries (the inner flight feathers of the wings) are white, finely barred and broadly tipped with back, creating a characteristic white panel across the folded wing. In flight, the bird shows broad, rounded wings and a short tail. More

Order : Falconiformes
Family : Accipitridae
Genus : Buteo
Species : rufofuscus
Authority : (Forster, 1798)