White-tailed hawk

Averaging 21–23 in in length with a wing span of around 4 ft

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The White-tailed hawk is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The White-tailed Hawk (Buteo albicaudatus) is a large bird of prey species found in tropical or subtropical environments across the Americas. Description - Averaging 21–23 in (53–58 cm) in length with a wing span of around 4 ft (1.2 m), the super White-tailed Hawk is a large, stocky buteo hawk. Adult birds are grey above and white below and on the rump, with faint pale grey or rufous barring. More

The White-tailed Hawk, (Buteo albicaudatus), is a large bird of prey found in tropical or sub-tropical environments. Distribution and habitat The White-tailed Hawk could be found anywhere from southern Texas to Central Argentina as well as many Caribbean Islands, although mostly southern. For habitats it prefers open or semi-open regions where there are few trees to hinder its flight. Size and description Averaging 62 cm in length with a wing span of around 1. More

The White-tailed Hawk or Harris Hawk (Buteo albicaudatus), is a large bird of prey found in tropical or sub-tropical environments across the Americas. Distribution and habitat The White-tailed Hawk can be found anywhere from coastal Texas and the Rio Grande Valley to central Argentina as well as many Caribbean islands, although mostly the southern ones. For habitat it prefers open or semi-open regions up to 2,000 ft (c. More

White-tailed hawks catch prey that is trying to escape grass and forest fires. More

White-tailed Hawk is found from southern Texas to South America. Its white tail with a black band near the tip is unique amongst North American hawks. More

The White-tailed Hawk is a hawk of the prairie. It is a medium-sized hawk, 18-22 inches in length and has a 49-53 inch wingspan. The plumage is generally gray. The upper back is neutral to dark gray; the lower back is white. The shoulders of the wings are reddish brown, while the wings themselves are darker gray. More

White-tailed Hawk: Feeds on rabbits, cotton rats, snakes, lizards, frogs, grasshoppers, cicadas, and beetles, and occasionally quail or other birds. Vocalization White-tailed Hawk: High-pitched cackling, a repeated "ke." Similar Species White-tailed Hawk: Swainson’s Hawk has dark barred tail, breast band, and rounded wings. . More

White-Tailed Hawk, Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, Cameron County, Texas Photograph by Alan And Elaine Wilson. Some rights reserved. WHITE-TAILED HAWK FACTS - - Description The White-tailed Hawk has gray head and back, white underside and reddish patch on the shoulder. The tail is white with a black band near the tip. Males and females are similar in appearance, although females are larger. More

White-tailed Hawk photos for their species info page on their Birds of North America website. Pretty cool as it’s probably one of the biggest publication credits I’ve received to date. Click here to view the article on the Cornell Birds of North America website. More

So, the White-tailed Hawk had seen through the Zone- tailed Hawk's deception, even though I was so easily fooled. Moreover, now I know why the White-tailed drove off the Zone-tailed. My field guide says that Zone- taileds eat small mammals, reptiles, and BIRDS. The White-tailed parent hadn't wanted the Zone-tail to eat the squealing fledgling in the tree below. You can see a White-tailed Hawk at http://www.mangoverde.com/wbg/picpages/pic30-182-5.html. More

White-tailed Hawk determination Similar species Accipitridae Bicolored Hawk | Black Hawk-Eagle | Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle | Black-collared Hawk | Black-faced Hawk | Crane Hawk | Crested Eagle | Double-toothed Kite | Great Black Hawk | Grey Hawk | Grey-bellied Hawk | Grey-headed Kite | Harpy Eagle | Hook-billed Kite | Long-winged Harrier | Ornate Hawk-Eagle | Osprey | Pearl Kite | Plumbeous Kite More

The White-tailed Hawk (Buteo albicaudatus) is one of the most attractive hawks in North America. Within the U.S., it is only known from south Texas, but the species is widespread in the tropics and South America and ranges south to Argentina. The top three shots shown here were taken in May, 2002, in Kenedy Co., Texas with a Canon EOS 1V and EF 500mm F/4 L IS lens and 1.4X extender on Fuji Velvia. See below for more photos. More

Article: Small mammal selection by the white-tailed hawk in southeaste... - Mar 1, 2006 Pay-Per-View - Wilson Journal of Ornithology - HighBeam ResearchSmall mammal selection by the white-tailed hawk in southeastern Brazil. ... find The Wilson Journal of Ornithology articles. The White-tailed Hawk (Buteo ... Article: School's winged guest takes flight - The Topeka Capital... - Jan 16, 2008 Pay-Per-View - Topeka Capital-Journal - HighBeam ResearchArticle: Small mammal selection by the white-tailed hawk in . ... More

Distribution of the White-tailed Hawk in North and Middle America. “In driving over the treeless prairie of southern Texas day after day, one of your keenest pleasures is to sight, across a long level foreground, the shining breast of a stately White-tailed Hawk” (Florence M. Bailey 1914). More

Master Naturalists: White-tailed hawk is also a buzzard - A white-tailed hawk displays his distinctive white underside and single black tail band, while being held by Senior Keeper Pete Grantham at the Texas Zoo. Vincent, as they call him, is a permanent zoo resident, used for educational purposes. This uncommon bird was rescued and rehabilitated after having half his right wing amputated after he was shot. Unable to fly, he will never be able to live in the wild. More

White-tailed hawks are among the three dozen or so birds found nowhere else in the United States but the Rio Grande Valley. That makes it a must-see for birders who make pilgrimages to the Valley. White-tailed hawks can be found from the southern tip of Texas to Argentina as well as some Caribbean islands. They prefer open or semi-open fields. Unlike many hawks, they are non-migratory. More

"Seeing a white-tailed hawk around here is something that is just not on your radar screen," said Surner, of Belchertown, who leads birding classes for the Hitchcock Center for the Environment in Amherst. Once the bird was identified, cell phones went to work, and birders who relish such rarities were summoned. More

Order : Falconiformes
Family : Accipitridae
Genus : Buteo
Species : albicaudatus
Authority : Vieillot, 1816