Jerdon's Baza

It is about 46 cm long. It is confusable with Crested Goshawk or the Crested Hawk-eagle in flight, but can be distinguished by the longer upright crest, very broad and rounded paddle-shaped wings

The Jerdon's Baza is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Jerdon's Baza feasting on a lizard Jerdon's Baza feasting on a lizard An earlier posting reported the sighting of a pair of Jerdon's Bazas (Aviceda jerdoni) at Lim Chu Kang. This is a rare passage migrant, having been reported only twice before. The current posting reports on the birds catching and feasting on Changeable Lizards (Calotes versicolor). Chan Yoke Meng just happened to be at the right place at the right time. More

Jerdon's Baza (Aviceda jerdoni) landing on a branch of a tree nearby. He managed to capture the image of the baza and subsequently confirmed its identity. This was further confirmed by our bird specialist R. Subaraj. Jerdon's Baza is one of two bazas that can be seen in Singapore. The other is Black Baza (A. leuphotes). Both are winter visitors but Jerdon’s is an extremely rare passage migrant, with only two previous recorded sightings. More

Jerdon's Baza (Aviceda jerdoni) is a moderate sized brown hawk with a thin white-tipped black crest usually held erect. It is found in South-east Asia. It inhabits foothills in the terai and is rarer in evergreen forests and tea estates. More

Jerdon's Baza in Flight Above Kinabatangan River Borneo 2.75Average: 2.8 (4 votes) Your rating: None Voting is for registered members only. Please login or create a new account. More

* Jerdon's Baza in Flight Above Kinabatangan River Borneo Kinabatangan River, Sabah (Malaysia), Borneo Duncan Wallace 20 January 2010 12 weeks ago 2. More

Jerdon's Baza Aviceda jerdoni - In flight from below Jerdon's Baza Photographer : More

Jerdon's Baza (Aviceda jerdoni) is a local resident in India. More

Photo of adult Jerdon's Baza in flight. Location Kinatabangan River Sabah Malaysian Borneo Size of original (pixels) Width: 1200 Height: 900 Photographic data Date: 25/4/07 6:59:43 PM Aperture: f10.0 Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec Focal Length: 400.0 mm jerdons_baza_48635.jpg © Ian Montgomery; please contact: More

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Order : Falconiformes
Family : Accipitridae
Genus : Aviceda
Species : jerdoni
Authority : (Blyth, 1842)