Gould's Zebra Dove

The bird is a relatively small pigeon and varies in length from 19 to 21 centimetres . The Peaceful Dove has a pink-grey breast with chequered grey-brown wings. Thin striations of black appear around the neck and nape area and descend down the back. The eye is greyish-white and a blue-grey ring surrounds the eye that tapers off and joins the beak/cere. The juveniles are paler and less striated. They also have a duller eye ring. The nape is similar to that of the Bar-shouldered dove in that the nape feathers are striated but differs in that the Bar-shouldered dove does not have striated throat feathers like the Peaceful Dove. Furthermore, the nape feathers are grey-brown in colour compared to the vivid copper colour seen with Bar-shouldered doves.

The Gould's Zebra Dove is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Nothing known about the Gould's Zebra Dove

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Original source: Arthur Chapman
Author: Arthur Chapman
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Order : Columbiformes
Family : Columbidae
Genus : Geopelia
Species : placida
Authority : Gould, 1844