Sandwich tern

The Sandwich Tern (Thalasseus sandvicensis, syn. Sterna sandvicensis, is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae. It is very closely related to the Lesser Crested Tern T. bengalensis, Chinese Crested Tern T. bernsteini, and Elegant Tern T. elegans, and has been known to interbreed with Lesser Crested.

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The Sandwich tern is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Sandwich TernSterna sandvicensis Order CHARADRIIFORMES – Family LARIDAE Issue No. 405 Authors: Shealer, David * Articles * Multimedia * References Courtesy Preview This Introductory article that you are viewing is a courtesy preview of the full life history account of this species. The remaining articles (Distribution, Habitat, Behavior, etc. More

The SANDWICH TERN is an exceptional vagrant to California but a very few have been located with Elegant Terns in coastal California. Elegant Tern has undergone a significant range expansion in recent decades, first in San Diego Co. and then north to Orange County. A Sandwich Tern appeared in the San Diego Bay colony in 1980, 1982, 1985, and 1987, and what may have been the same adult appeared in the Bolsa Chica colony in 1991 and each summer thereafter. More

Sandwich Tern is two species, study suggests = 2009 August 30 by David J. Ringer Sandwich Tern Sandwich Tern in Portugal by jvverde VICKSBURG, MISS. — Version 2. More

A SANDWICH TERN IN CALIFORNIA SCHAFFNER, FRED C. FRED C. SCHAFFNER, Department of Zoology, San Diego State University, San Diego, California 92182 For at least 9 days during May 1980 a Sandwich Tern (Sterna sandu/cens/s) was present near Imperial Beach, San Diego Co., California. All sightings were made at the Elegant Tern (S. elegans) breeding colony located in the saltworks at the south end of San Diego Bay. More

The Sandwich Tern is a medium-large tern with grey upperparts, white underparts, a yellow-tipped black bill and a shaggy black crest which becomes less extensive in winter with a white crown. Young birds bear grey and brown scalloped plumage on their backs and wings. It is a vocal bird. It nests in a ground scrape and lays one to three eggs. More

Are ringed the breeding orange billed terns, the sandwich terns of the mixed couples and hybrid chicks. - 2001: 1 colour-ring on the left leg (red or yellow), 1 metal ring on the right leg. - 2002: no birds ringed. - since 2003: new ringing code: o left leg (exceptionally on the right) : 2 colour-rings on the tarsus. o Right leg (exceptionally on the left) : 1 metal ring on the tibia, 1 white ring on the tarsus. More

Sandwich Tern: Prefers to feed at sea; Usually hovers, then dives from great heights to catch prey under water. Eats small fish, squid and shrimp. Vocalization Sandwich Tern: Aburpt whistle, grating "gwit gwit," and "skir-rick." Also yelping "kehk," and slightly reedy "ki-i wii-wii." Similar Species Sandwich Tern: Royal Tern is larger, plumper, with heavier, orange bill. Gull-billed Tern lacks crest and has stubbier bill and less forked tail. . More

Sandwich Tern - bill color of juveniles - updated Sep 27, 2008 This photo by Greg Lavaty of Texas, generated a lot of discussion on the Texas Birds listserv recently, and brings up some interesting points and questions. First, this is definitely a juvenile Sandwich Tern, and the bill color is pretty typical of a recently fledged bird. Here are some photos of similar birds in Texas by Martin Reid. More

Sandwich Tern: Winter Adult Default description Sandwich Tern: Winter Adult Sandwich Tern: Juvenile Default description Sandwich Tern: Juvenile Sandwich Tern: Breeding Adult Default description Sandwich Tern: Breeding Adult Related Birds Arctic Tern Caspian Tern Forster's Tern Least Tern Royal Tern Gull-billed Tern General Sandwich Tern: Only medium-sized tern with long slender black bill tipped More

Caribbean, the Sandwich Tern is readily identified by its shaggy crest and yellow-tipped black bill. More

good reader, for no person before had found the Sandwich Tern on any part of our coast. A large basket was filled with them, and we pursued our course. On opening several individuals, I found in the females eggs nearly ready for being laid. The males, too, manifested the usual symptoms of increased action in the organs distinctive of the sex. I felt a great desire to discover their breeding grounds, which I had the pleasure of doing in a few days after. More

Nesting Habitat: In North Carolina, Sandwich Terns are always found nesting with Royal Terns. See habitat description for Royal Terns. Breeding Biology: Adults begin to arrive at colonies in late April. Colonies vary in size from a few nests to 1,000 or more. Timing and initiation of nesting activities are similar to those of Royal Terns. Clutch size varies from one to two eggs, occasionally three. Nests and eggs are similar in color and appearance to those of Royal Terns. However, Sandwich Tern eggs are noticeably smaller. More

The Sandwich Tern does not occur there; in this case, its specific name refers to Sandwich, Kent, Latham's type locality. Sandwich Tern Sandwich Tern FlyingBreeding / Nesting This species breeds in very dense colonies on coasts and islands, and exceptionally inland on suitable large freshwater lakes close to the coast. It nests in a ground scrape and lays one to three eggs. More

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The Sandwich Tern has three subspecies: The Sandvicensis breeds on the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts of Europe, and winters off western Africa and Arabia; the marginally smaller Acuflavida breeds on Atlantic coasts of North America, wintering in the Caribbean and further south, and has wandered to Western Europe;the yellow-billed Eurygnatha breeds on the Atlantic coast of South America from Argentina north to the Caribbean. Sandwich Terns breed in very dense colonies mostly on coasts and islands. More

Mexico, the Sandwich Tern has a distinctive, yellow-tipped, black bill and nests in large colonies, often with other tern species and gulls. Sandwich Tern nests may be placed only a bill-length away from a neighbor. Sandwich Terns in parts of Europe begin breeding at age three, four, or five although it is not known at what age they start breeding in North America. More

The Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis in the pictures A-B-C (see below) was found by me on 26th June 2006 along the Krammer-Volkerak, in the Rhine-Meuse delta in the SW Netherlands. The tern was actively moulting it's inner primaries which according to current knowledge is unusual for European Sandwich Terns to occur in June. More

The Sandwich Tern can be identified by its long black, yellow tipped bill and its black cap and short crest. This graceful flyer is a slender white bird with a gray mantle. Like other terns this species will have a white crown and forehead during the winter. The habitat consists of the sandy beaches and coastal islands along the gulf coast and along the southern Atlantic seaboard. They form colonies and are almost always found in colonies with the Royal Tern. More

The RSPBSandwich tern adults feeding sand eel to chickaerial view of RSPB Hodbarrow reserve Sandwich tern in flight * A * B * C * D * E * F * G * H * I * J * K * L More

Look for Sandwich Terns on beaches at Bolivar Flats, Galveston Island State Park, San Luis Pass, and Christmas Bay State Park. More

An adult Sandwich Tern carrying fish to its chicks at Rye Harbour nature reserve. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: The Sandwich Tern (Thalasseus sandvicensis, syn. Sterna sandvicensis) is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae. It is very closely related to the Lesser Crested Tern T. bengalensis, Chinese Crested Tern T. bernsteini, and Elegant Tern T. elegans, and has been known to interbreed with Lesser Crested. This bird has three subspecies: � T. s. More

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Authority : Latham, 1787