Aleutian tern

The Aleutian Tern is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae.

The Aleutian tern is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Aleutian tern breeds only in Alaska and eastern Siberia, nesting coastally in dispersed colonies (North 1997). Their breeding range extends from southeast Alaska to the western Aleutian Islands and as for north as the Chukchi Sea. In Russia they breed in the Bering Sea, Sea of Okhotsk and the Kamchatka Peninsula. More

Aleutian Tern - photo by Martin Renner The Aleutian Tern (Sterna aleutica) is one of Alaska's seabird specialties. While terns are known for their elegance and long-distance migration records, little is known about this particular member of the tern family. Until the early 1990s, few observations were made of these birds after leaving Alaska in late summer. More

Aleutian Tern; adult on nest; Copper River Delta, AK. Fig. 1. Distribution of the Aleutian Tern in North America. Aleutian Tern in flight; Nome, AK; June. The Aleutian Tern is a coastal, colonial nesting seabird of Alaska and e. Siberia, with known breeding colonies distributed sparsely over a wide range (Fig. 1). Discovered in 1868 on Kodiak I. More

The Aleutian Tern (Onychoprion aleuticus, formerly Sterna aleutica - see Bridge et al., 2005) is a seabird of the tern family Sternidae. This species breeds in colonies on coasts and islands in Alaska and easternmost Siberia. It is strongly migratory, wintering off Indonesia and Malaysia. Large numbers appear off China during passage periods. It is a very rare vagrant to western Europe, with just one record, on the Farne Islands off Northumberland, England on 28-29 May 1979. More

* Aleutian Tern Onychoprion aleutica * Genus Sternula - little white terns * Fairy Tern Sternula nereis * Damara Tern Sternula balaenarum * Little Tern Sternula albifrons * Saunders's Tern Sternula saundersi (formerly considered a subspecies of Little Tern) More

After waited for 1 hour, single Aleutian Tern in post breeding came along with Whiskered, Common and Black-winged Tern but in flight shot with my scope was impossible ! There were a few records of this species mentioned in Susan Myer's Birds of Borneo book as it was found in Sarawak last time and this could be the new species for Sabah :) According from Chris, the name Aleutian came from a stretch of islands on the Alaska where this bird breeds and migrate during the More

Aleutian Tern In Flight Mode 18th November 2009 Correction - This is a Whiskered Tern instead of Aleutian Tern corrected by Chris Kehoe :) Thanks a lot my friend hehehe :o New record for Sabah, first seen on the 11th September 2009 between Sipadan and Mabul Island on the East Coast and photographed by my friend, Wong Tsu Shi. More

Aleutian TernOnychoprion aleutica WatchList 2007 Status: Family: LARIDAE Order: Charadriiformes Spanish Common Name: Charrán Aleutiano French Common Name: Sterne des Aléoutiennes Image by R. Gill, U.S. More

Aleutian Tern: Juvenile Default description Aleutian Tern: Juvenile Aleutian Tern: Breeding Adult Default description Aleutian Tern: Breeding Adult Related Birds Arctic Tern Common Tern Least Tern White-winged Tern White Tern General Aleutian Tern: A medium-sized tern with white forehead, black cap, bill, and legs, and gray underparts and upperparts contrasting with pure white rump and tail. More

Adult Aleutian Tern The Aleutian Tern (Onychoprion aleuticus) is an uncommon breeder on the Seward Peninsula nesting on the coastal lowlands. Even though they winter in the North Pacific they usually arrive a week later than the Arctic Tern. More

The Aleutian Tern nests in loose colonies sparsely distributed along the coasts of southern and western Alaska, including the Copper River Delta, and eastern Siberia. It often nests with Arctic Terns in Alaska and Common Terns in Siberia. It sometimes nests near Mew Gull colonies. Probably due to removal by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service of red fox and arctic fox, it now nests on 8 islands in the Aleutians. More

is known about the winter range, but observations of Aleutian terns in the waters around Hong Kong in the spring and fall, and around Singapore and the nearby Indonesian Island of Bintan in the South China Sea between October and April indicates that some birds migrates through and winter in these areas. The coastal waters of Java and Bali in this same region may also be part of their winter range. More

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Aleutian TernOnychoprion aleuticus = REPORT SIGHTING ADD TO LIFE LIST ADD TO TARGET SPECIES LIST REMOVE FROM WATCH LISTBreeding Adult© Vireo click to enlarge Listen FAMILY Gulls and Terns Family Description DESCRIPTION 13 1/2-15" (34-38 cm). Mantle and wings dark gray, cap black but forehead white; underparts grayish; forked tail white. More

Aleutian Terns: Declining Population and the Role of the Forest Service in Alaska By Susan Oehlers, Nate Catterson, Sanjay Pyare, and Mike Goldstein. Photos by Mike Denega. Derek DeRaps sampling an Aleutian tern nest.Derek DeRaps samples an Aleutian tern nest. Two species of tern nest on Black Sand Spit every summer. One is the Arctic tern, whose epic trans-hemispheric migration makes a dramatic stormy spring arrival seem appropriate. More

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Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Laridae
Genus : Sterna
Species : aleutica
Authority : Baird, 1869