Band-tailed gull

The name of this bird commemorates the British explorer Sir Edward Belcher.

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The Band-tailed gull is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Band-tailed Gull, Larus belcheri (1997-20), at the Tijuana River mouth, Imperial Beach, Sand Diego County, 10 Aug 1997. First accepted California record. Sketch by Kimball L. More

for clarity since Band-tailed Gull has been applied to Olrog More

For the purposes of our bird news services, Band-tailed Gull is classed as Ungraded: species which are unlikely to appear as wild birds in Britain or Ireland hide section Most recent photos of Band-tailed Gull (1) Pucusana, near Lima, Peru Pucusana, near Lima, Peru05/11/2004 Pucusana, near Lima, Peru 05/11/2004 View all pictures of Band-tailed Gull View all pictures of Band-tailed Gull show section External Links (0) We currently have no external links for this species. More

Band-tailed Gull More

Meyer de Schauensee (1970) used Band-tailed Gull on the recommendation of Eisenmann and most authors have followed suit. With the split of the Atlantic coast Olrog's Gull, L. atlanticus , this is a good opportunity to revert to Belcher's Gull for the Pacific coast birds. 3 reasons 1. Avoid confusion of pre- and post-split Band-tailed Gull; 2. Avoid possible confusion with Black-tailed Gull 3. More

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Order : Charadriiformes
Family : Laridae
Genus : Larus
Species : belcheri
Authority : Vigors, 1829