Philippine Gecko

* Philippine Gecko, Gekko romblon * Yunnan Gecko, Gekko scabridus * Siamese Green-eyed Gecko, Gekko siamensis * Gekko similignum * Smith's Green-eyed Gecko, Gekko smithii More

hundred? The Philippine gecko or tuko is the fiercest of its kind? There is a Palawan Porcupine? The teens had another visitor: Kim Atienza, host of Matanglawin, brought loads of animals to the house. The teens all joined in the Matanglawin board game. More

Inspired by the Philippine Gecko or "Tuko", this very life-like lizard was created for an upcoming Avatrian p... More

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Order : Squamata
Family : Gekkonidae
Genus : Gekko
Species : Gekko romblon
Authority : BROWN & ALCALA 1978