Phrynocephalus persicus

Zpět na taxon Phrynocephalus persicus - agamka íránská UKÁZAT INFONÁPOVĚDA Strom = << O stupeň zpět - Phrynocephalus - agamka druh agamka íránská Phrynocephalus persicus = More

Phrynocephalus persicus, Eremais pleskei, Eremias strauchi, Lacerta strigata and Testudo graeca. Maps of relatively uncommon lizard P. persicus reflect the species richness patterns, whereas maps of the most abundant lizard E. pleskei, more accurately reflect total reptile abundance and species diversity. More

Phrynocephalus persicus (Agamidae, Sauria) in Aras River Valley: Using of geographical information system (GIS). Modern Herpetology. 5/6: 18-40. Ananjeva, N. B. and S. A. Kalyabina-Hauf. 2006. On the problems of the Rock Agamas of Laudakia caucasia -complex (Agamidae, Sauria). More

Phrynocephalus persicus More

Phrynocephalus persicus (Sauria, Agamidae) in Aras River Valley: Using of Geographical Information System. Modern Herpetology, vol. 5/6:18-40 (In Russian) (PDF is Available) Ananjeva N.B., Orlov N.L., Khalikov R.G., Darevsky, I.S., Rjabov S.A., Barabanov A.B., 2004. , St. More

Order : Squamata
Family : Agamidae
Genus : Phrynocephalus
Species : Phrynocephalus persicus
Authority : DE FILIPPI 1863