Oriental Small-clawed Otter

Oriental small clawed otterThe Oriental Small-clawed Otter or Asian Small-clawed Otter (Amblonyx cinereus)

The Oriental Small-clawed Otter is found scattered in Asia, specifically at freshwater wetlands or mangrove swamp areas. It has a dark umber pelage, a white chin/neck and a pink nose. Its sinuous body makes it a great aquatic creature, it could swim much faster (and go farther) than other aquatic creatures, say, a beaver. Oriental Small-clawed Otters opt to have quiet pools for its fishing or a quick bath.

An Oriental Small-clawed Otter lives on a diet that is made up of: mollusks, crustaceans, reptiles, mammals, birds, fish, snails and eels. As far as breeding is concerned, not much is known when it comes to those in the wild.The information that does exists comes from those observed in captivity. It does not seem that there exists a set breeding period, the Oriental Small-clawed Otter achieves mating maturity at 2 years old, the male would do its courting.

An Oriental Small-clawed Otter's whiskers are sensitive to the pressures of water, and these whiskers help them in finding prey in unclear water.

The beautiful coats of these otters have become so popular for us (mankind), and expectedly, the population of these otters went down drastically over the last two centuries.
It is in fact, a source of wonderment to a lot of people, that they are still surviving in today's world.

Interesting fact: the Oriental Small-clawed Otter is the smallest species of otter in the world

Picture of the Oriental small clawed otter by ArtMechanic, licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License

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