Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Suidae
Subfamily : Babyrousinae


Facts about the subfamily Babyrousinae, the babirusas

BabirusaI think babirusas are fantastic (I sound like that guy from the Fast Show - 'Aren't South East Asian pigs great!

Lee >-- including macaques, anoas and babirusas -- are vanishing so >fast that he expects they will be gone early into next century.

Remarks: Babirusas are officially protected, but still hunted for meat.

Zoo makes Travel & Leisure’s top 10 list this year Okapis, tuataras and babirusas are just a few of the many exotic creatures found at the zoo, named this year among America’s Top 10 zoos by Travel & Leisure magazine.

other really cute and unique animals we saw were the bearded pigs (found in borneo) and babirusas (found in sulawesi)the bearded pigs are pigs with REALLY big hairy facesthey look like monkeys with pigs' bodies and the babirusas are pigs with cute small tusks sticking out from their faces! (Full text)

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