Deer and elk

Deer and elk

Order : Artiodactyla
Family : Cervidae
Subfamily : Cervinae


Facts about the subfamily Cervinae, the deer and elk

One of the most unusual member of the Cervinae is the Pere David's deer (Elaphurus) which is known only in captivity.

In early April 2002, Byron Caughey, who directed the European Molecular Biology Organization research, told a Wisconsin newspaper that while the risk of people contracting infection from a Chronic Wasting Disease deer is probably low, "it's not a risk I'd want to take.

Oh, Deer - Is chronic wasting disease the new mad cow?

A&M's first cloned deer is progressing well - The Battalion - News

Time spent hunting deer is good for learning, introspection, meeting new people, returning to our ancient hunting roots. (Full text)

"A dead deer is an eyesore that smells, and it's an expectation of the public that they be removed" from the roadside, he said.

"It's bad news for both, because usually the deer is killed, and the car gets quite a bit of damage" said Duane Carter, who repairs damaged vehicles at Tony's Collision Center in Inverness. (Full text)

In deer management, trying to force a depleted range to carry high numbers of deer is like carrying water in a bucket without a bottom.

This scientific advance -- the no-sex deer -- is the result of research conducted by the Department of Agriculture's National Wildlife Research Center. (Full text)

Printouts The White-Tailed Deer is a long-legged, fast-moving mammal.

Our jerky, kippered elk, is done the old fashioned way. (Full text)

Driving or herding of elk is illegal. (Full text)

" Elk - Physical Characteristics Elk is easily recognized by the large antlers (in males), which extend as long as 1. (Full text)

Greg, who often hears the comment, "You sound better then a real elk," is also "fluent" in turkey and duck calling, having won first and second place in competitions for his expertise. (Full text)

Elk is an implementation of the Scheme programming language. (Full text)

  The town's site at the falls of the Elk is as pretty as any in Kansas, but the natural beauty does not explain all of the fascination outsiders have for the town: (Full text)

Property Amenities The Summer weather in Banner Elk is very mild and peaceful.

Transplanting elk is a dangerous and risky operation as evidenced by the nine animals that died in the relocation effort.

Deer are just about everywhere.

Scottish Deer Are Culprits in Bird Killings (Full text)

Comparisons The Mule Deer, while closely related to the eastern species-the white-tailed deer, are remarkably distinct in their biological, ecological, and behavioral attributes.

These tiny deer are not found anywhere else in the world.

The Key deer are a wild species, and are not confined to Refuge lands. (Full text)

Garden Hints Here are some plants that deer tend to ignore CORVALLIS - Deer are a favorite with many people, but they can be destructive to vegetation around homes, orchards and gardens in suburban and rural areas of Oregon.

White-tailed deer are 3-3 ½ feet tall at the shoulder and weigh 50-250 pounds.

White-tailed deer are tan or brown in the summer and grayish brown in winter.

Hunters for generations have realized that successful stalkers, especially the archers who must get close to drop a deer, are better off downwind -- out of sight but also out of scent.

For the moment, controlling the disease involves continued surveillance; making sure sick animals aren't moved from region to region; enlisting hunters to voluntarily submit deer heads for study and tracking; and in some states, like Colorado and Wisconsin, slaughtering animals—both healthy and sick—in areas where infected deer are found.

Yes, all the elk are dead in Central Idaho. (Full text)

North American Elk, or Wapiti, are considered by some to be an exotic animal but the Roosevelt (also called the Olympic), Manitoban, Rocky Mountain, and Tule Elk are a viable industry livestock. (Full text)

What Does It Matter that the Elk are dying?

The agency also needs to inform the public about the program so that people understand why elk are being brought back and how citizens can assist in the success of the program.

Elk are abundant — in fact, alarmingly so — in most mountainous areas of the state.

ESPN Outdoors -- Elk are Rocky Mountains' growth opportunity

And if that happened, elk are the toughest and would probably be the last to fall, not the first.

Habitat and Diet: Elk are a grazing animal and prefer mainly mountain pastures during the summer months, and lower, dense, wooded slopes during the winter months.

Learning About Elk Elk are among the most intensely studied animals.

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