White-faced Scops Owl

The Northern White-faced Owl is a species of owl in the Strigidae family. The Southern White-faced Owl was formerly included in this species and the two were known as the White-faced Scops-Owl.

The White-faced Scops Owl is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Like other small owls, the White-faced Scops Owl is generally insectivorous, although they may take small birds, rodents and other small mammals. Animal Prey are frequently larger than caught by other species of Scops Owl. They hunt from an open perch and drop down on prey. Largely insectiverous, small birds, rodents and other mammals. Breeding - Their breeding season varies greatly. In Zimbabwe, it is August to November. Further South, between July and February. More

Southern White-faced Scops Owl - Ptilopsis granti = Some place in genus Otus, formerly subspecies of Ptilopsis leucotis species-Ptilopsis-granti-1 species-Ptilopsis-granti-2 Status: Locally common. Original Description: Kollibay, Raul R. 1910. Ornithlogishce Monatsbeirchte Heraussegeben von Dr. Ant. Reichenow (Orn. Monatsb.) 18: p 148. References:K More

White-faced scops owl (Ptilopsis leucotis) White-faced scops owl (Ptilopsis leucotis) Scientific name: Ptilopsis leucotis Height: 190mm to 240mm Geographical distribution: south of the Sahara desert Habitat: thorn scrub, savannah woodland Diet: large insects, scorpions, small rodents and occasionally small birds Status: scarce Here are details of the white-faced scops owls we have at the sanctuary: White-faced scops owls Name More

The White-faced Scops Owl occurs in savannah country from the scrub desert fringes of the Sahara to the arid south western coastal region of Africa. Diet In common with other small owls, the White-faced Scops Owl is largely insectivorous, although it will take small birds and small rodents and other mammals. Voice The Scops Owls are related to the American Screech Owls, and this is reflected in their calls - an extended trilling sound. More

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Order : Strigiformes
Family : Strigidae
Genus : Otus
Species : leucotis
Authority : (Temminck, 1820)