Forest Eagle Owl

The Spot-bellied Eagle-owl is nocturnal and spends the day hidden among foliage of a large forest tree. At dusk it becomes active and hunts small mammals, reptiles, and birds up to the size of junglefowl.

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The Forest Eagle Owl is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Horned Owl and Forest Eagle Owl occur significantly in unprotected areas. The highest encounter rate of owls in unprotected areas was recorded from the Nelliampathy-Parambikulam Vazhachal-Anamalai hill complex. In protected areas, most species were found in the Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park of Tamil Nadu while lesser-found owls like Barred Jungle Owlet, Collared Scops, Oriental Scops and Brown Hawk Owl were encountered in protected areas. Distribution of birds was characterised by using vegetation types, topographic variables, disturbance levels and status of protection. More

Formerly known as the Forest Eagle Owl, this impressive bird is easily identified by the dark chevron –shaped spots on its whitish under-parts. The irises are dark brown. Brown overall with black and white sideward slanting ear tufts. It prefers dense evergreen and moist deciduous forests and is very nocturnal. Feeds chiefly on game birds but has been known to take mammals like hares and jackals. Found patchily through the Himalayas east to Arunachal Pradesh. Also the Western Ghats and north Tamil Nadu. More

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The Forest eagle owl is found utilising the riparian forest, according to the researchers. None of the owl species are facing serious threats though they are found few in numbers. Most of the species need mature forests with long and tall trees and old forest growth for survival. The expansion of plantations into natural forest could put pressure on the owl population, Mr. Jayson says. More

Forest Eagle Owl - Bubo nipalensis = Also known as Spot-bellied Eagle Owl species-Bubo-nipalensis-1 species-Bubo-nipalensis-7 Status: Uncommon. Original Description: Hodgson, Brian Houghton. 1836. Asiatic Researches, or Asiatick Research (As.Res.; or transactions of the society instituted in Bengal for inquiring into the history, the antiquities, the arts, and sciences, and literature of Asia) 19: p 172. Subspecies: B. n. nipalensis, B. n. More

Forest Eagle Owl, Great Grey Owl, Great Horned Owl, Mackinders Eagle Owl, South American Horned Owl, Malay Fish Owl, Milky Eagle Owl, Snowy Owl, Ural Owl. To adopt a large Owl - click here Single Birds: £100.00 Pairs: £150.00 Moss Medium Owls Such as African Marsh Owl, Brown Wood Owl, Pharaohs Eagle Owl, Spectacled Owl. More

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One of only three captive birds in Europe our Forest Eagle Owl is a magnificent bird. He has been named 'Erskine' by a visiting lady who works in the Houses of Parliament She thought that he looked as if hewould fit in very well there (in the Lords, of course, not the Commons!). More

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Order : Strigiformes
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Genus : Bubo
Species : nipalensis
Authority : Hodgson, 1836