Junin Grebe

The scientific name commemorates the Polish zoologist Władysław Taczanowski, author of Ornithology of Peru .

The Junin Grebe is classified as Critically Endangered (CR), facing an extremely high risk of extinction in the wild.

Obtain accurate counts of the Junin Grebe and monitor population changes. 2. Work collaboratively with the mining companies, local community, and Peru’s INRENA to improve the Lake’s conservation. 3. Develop a comprehensive species recovery plan for the grebe and rail based on monitoring results. 4. Work to enhance protection for all wetland species. More

The Junin grebe’s impressive diving ability allows the bird to feed on a diet primarily of small fish, but it also eats invertebrate nymphs and adults from the lake’s surface (2). They also consume feathers which form a ball in the centre of the stomach and a plug in the pyloric region. The main function of this may be to rid the grebe of gastric parasites when the ball is regurgitated (3). More

The small, declining population of flightless Junin grebes is found only in one lake in the Andes, and therefore faces an extremely high risk of extinction. Like all other grebes, it is a specialized waterbird that is virtually unable to move on land, but is an excellent swimmer and diver. Its soft, dense plumage is dark grey on the top of the head, contrasting with a large black area on the nape. The lower part of the face, chin, neck and underparts are white. More

population of Junin Grebe is between 100 and 300 individuals Zoom In Is there a future for flightless grebes? = 10-02-2009 Conservation organisations and civil society groups have gathered in the city of Junín, in the Peruvian Andes, to demand action to reverse the deteriorating condition of Lake Junín (Lake Chinchaycocha), the second largest lake in the Peruvian Andes and home to the Critically Endangered Junín Grebe Podiceps More

* Countries in which the the Junin grebe is known to occur: Peru More

critically threatened Junin Grebe and the cover species of A Field Guide to the Birds of Peru - Golden-backed Mountain-Tanager. This trip we can organize almost anytime. Also see our extended 18 day trip that includes Satipo road. This is a fantastic trip!!!! Both trips start with a night bus to Huanuco on the night prior to the start in Huanuco and adds Ticlio, Marcopomacocha and Santa Eulalia in the end. See short summery below. More

* b junin grebe b junin grebe * junin grebe junin grebe * Junin Grebe Podiceps taczanowskii Junin Grebe Podiceps taczanowskii * Jun n grebe on water Jon Hornbuckle Jun n grebe on water Jon Hornbuckle * img 2451 img 2451 * <i>Podiceps occipitalis< i><br> Leif Gabrielsen <i>Podiceps occipitalis< i><br> Leif Gabrielsen More

A Junin grebe breaks the surface alongside another species of waterfowl that makes its home in the National Reserve. © LIP It is a tragic fact that this bird will become extinct unless the damage being done to its only habitat does not stop. The mining companies in the area, with the silent blessing of the environmental authorities hammer a new nail in the Junin grebe’s coffin every day. More

"Yes, Junin Grebe is a good change. It may cause some confusion with P. occipitalis juninensis, but not enough to concern me. More

Order : Podicipediformes
Family : Podicipedidae
Genus : Podiceps
Species : taczanowskii
Authority : Berlepsch & Stolzmann, 1894