Plate-billed Mountain Toucan

While it remains fairly common locally, it has declined due to habitat loss.

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The Plate-billed Mountain Toucan is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

Stamps showing Plate-billed Mountain Toucan Andigena laminirostris Plate-billed Mountain Toucan Andigena laminirostris 102.024 Plate-billed Mountain Toucan IOC v2.4: 3846 Links will open countrypage in new window - Zambia 08.09.2000 Birds of the tropics 8v sheet - NO IMAGE PRESENTED - Paraguay 14.11. More

Results for: plate-billed mountain toucanTranslations 1 - 30 of 681 English English Finnish Finnish plate-billed mountain toucan kultakuvetukaani, Andigena laminirostris black-billed mountain toucan valkokaulatukaani, Andigena nigrirostris hooded mountain toucan vuoritukaani, Andigena cucullata gray-breasted mountain toucan andienvuoritukaani, Andigena hypoglauca channel-billed toucan punaliivitukaani, Ramphastos vitellinus keel-billed toucan rikkitukaani, Ramphastos sulfuratus toucan More

* Plate-billed Mountain Toucan, Andigena laminirostris * Gray-breasted Mountain Toucan, Andigena hypoglauca * Hooded Mountain Toucan, Andigena cucullata * Black-billed Mountain Toucan, Andigena nigrirostris * Selenidera * Yellow-eared Toucanet, Selenidera spectabilis * Golden-collared Toucanet, Selenidera reinwardtii More

Order : Piciformes
Family : Ramphastidae
Genus : Andigena
Species : laminirostris
Authority : Gould, 1851