White booby

The Masked Booby, Sula dactylatra, is a large seabird of the gannet family, Sulidae. This species breeds on islands in tropical oceans, except in the eastern Atlantic; in the eastern Pacific it is replaced by the Nazca Booby, Sula granti, which was formerly regarded as a subspecies of Masked Booby .

The White booby is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

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Large white booby, standing on the marine terrace just below the right hand blind. I judged it to be about 20% larger than nearby Western Gulls and about half the size of nearby Brown Pelicans. The bird was immaculate white with contrasting black remiges, tertials and rectrices. The legs and feet were gray, including the webbed toes. The bill was long and cone shaped and dull yellowish or yellowish-green in color. More

A large white booby about the size of adjacent Western Gulls with black wings and tail. The bill was massive and conical in shape, dull yellow in color. The body was mostly white with faint brown streaking on the forehead and nape and dingy blotches on the side of the head. There was also extensive brown mottling on the back, visible when the bird turned and preened. More

A white booby with black in the wings and tail; accidental off s. California. See illustration in eastern Field Guide. - Wikipedia: Masked Booby - Top Home > Library > Miscellaneous > Wikipedia "Parasula" redirects here. The fossil genus established by C.J.O. Harrison is properly called Empheresula. Masked Booby Austropacific Masked Booby (S. More

The Orange and White Booby is a buoyant fly usually best fished on sinking line and very short leader. Your Booby fly can be presented hovering temptingly just above the bottom, where the fish are often lying especially during early season. Ideal for bank fishing on stillwaters and reservoirs. Fly Tying Techniques - Varivas hooks are the latest innovation when it comes to tying fresh water flies. More

An all white Booby works wonders on fry feeding fish. Adding adhesive eyes to the ends of the rounded foam adds an added touch of realism and inspires angler confidence. Original Boobies consisted of a long marabou tail, dubbed or chenille bodies and large round Polystyrene foam balls sheathed in stocking mesh. Despite the protective stocking mesh, the original eye materials did not survive repeated trout mauling and has been replaced with durable closed cell foam bars. More

Picture of Sula dactylatra above has been licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution.
Original source: Drew Avery
Author: Drew Avery
Permission: Some rights reserved
Order : Pelecaniformes
Family : Sulidae
Genus : Sula
Species : dactylatra
Authority : Lesson, 1831