The Oriental Darter or Indian Darter , sometimes called Snakebird, is a water bird of tropical South Asia and Southeast Asia. It is a cormorant-like species that has a very long neck. It often swims with only the neck above water. It is a fish-eater.

The Darter is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

Darter, the name of a group of small fish of the perch family. Darters swim about in short dashes, propelled by fins on the breast. These fish have no commercial value but are a popular attraction in aquariums. They have brilliant markings, especially in metallic green and bright red. Darters do not have gas bladders. Some burrow in the sand, leaving only their eyes showing. The female of one species, the Johnny darter, lays eggs under stones, and the male guards them. More

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The darters or snakebirds are mainly tropical waterbirds in the family Anhingidae. There are four living species, three of which are very common and widespread while the fourth is rarer and classified as near-threatened by the IUCN. The term "snakebird" is usually used without any additions to signify whichever of the completely allopatric species occurs in any one region. More

Some darters are widespread throughout North America, most notably in New Jersey, Tennessee, and Kentucky, but others are restricted to single streams, leaving them vulnerable to extinction. Varieties of Darters * Sand Darters – Ammocrypta * Roughbelly Darters * Smoothbelly Darters Contents - * 1 List of darters * 1. More

The yellow-winged darter, Sympetrum flaveolum, is a dragonfly found in Europe and mid and Northern China. Breeding is confined to stagnant water, usually in peat bogs. Although not resident in the United Kingdom it occasionally migrates there in some numbers. Such 'Invasion Years' occurred in 1906, 1926, 1945, 1953, and 1995. On each occasion a small breeding colony appeared, but they have invariably died out after a few years. More

The Johnny Darter is a member of the same family as perches. It can be found through out the midwest to the east coast as well as places in Canada. This darter will be olive green to brown with W markings all along its sides. This species of darters is one of the least colorful darters. It reaches a maximum size of about 2.5 inches. The favorite food of this fish is insect larva. It will also eat small crustations. More

The Niangua darter is a slender, colorful fish restricted to the Osage River basin of west-central Missouri. Its survival is threatened by deterioration of stream quality, loss of habitat due to reservoir and bridge construction, stream channelization, loss of streamside vegetation, and unrestricted sand and gravel removal. The Niangua darter is listed ENDANGERED by the Missouri Department of Conservation and THREATENED by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. More

Common Darter 3-4 in grassland; Emerald Damselfly 2 (one male, one female) 14 August 2009 Observed By Alan Tilmouth Summerhouse Lane Pond. More

Darters (Anhinga anhinga) eat fish, crustaceans, reptiles, and insects, attacking their prey with rapierlike thrusts of their sharp beaks, whence the name darter. Another common name, snake-bird, describes the darter's habit of swimming with its body submerged and only the snakelike head and long, curved neck exposed. In the S United States darters are called water turkeys, for no apparent reason. They nest in small colonies with ibises and herons, building bulky nests lined with leaves. More

A small snail-eating darter (Percina tanasi) that formerly was found only in the Little Tennessee River. It was thought to have become extinct after construction of a dam, but later was discovered in several other Tennessee streams. Home of Wiki & Reference Answers, the world’s leading Q&A siteReference AnswersEnglish▼English▼ Deutsch Español Français Italiano Tagalog * * Search unanswered questions... More

Rule #1: If it looks like a darter jig, the package says it's a darter jig...but it doesn't dart? Sorry, it's not really a darter jig. If you want a true darter head you must wade through the wanna-be's until you find one that is "center-balanced". That is, if you hung it on the line, it would hang as perfectly level as the scales of justice. To get more of a darting action, you may also need to shear off the collar behind the head and dispose of the trimmings properly. More

The watercress darter (Etheostoma nuchale) is a small, reddish fish with colorful fins which lives in the Black Warrior River drainage basin near Birmingham. To date it has only been found in a few locations in streams in Powderly, Roebuck Springs, and Thomas Spring and Glenn Springs in Bessemer, plus a reserve population planted in Pinson. Originally these populations would have been connected, but today the waterways that link them are either too polluted or altered for the populations to mingle. More

Snail darter Information 148 words, approx. 1 pages The snail darter is a small (up to 9 cm long) fish native to waters of East Tennessee. It is a variety of darter (fish) which feeds primarily on aquatic snails. The snail darter was declared an endangered species in 1975, under the Endangered Species... More

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The orangethroat darter is found in very small headwater streams sometimes only a foot or two wide. The photo to the left is a male and below is a female. female orangethroat darter - Orangethroat Darter Etheostoma spectabile At-a-Glance • Family: Percidae (Perches and darters) • Other Names: None • Ohio Status: No special status • Adult Size: Typically 1.5-2. More

The gilt darter has 6-9 squarish dark blotches along their side. These blotches can be black or dark blue in color and at times appear fused together to form a wide dark stripe. They have a well defined dark tear drop under the eye. The first dorsal fin is orange to red in color, all other fins are clear. Male gilt darters have a bright orange throat and chest. Their dorsal fin is often much brighter solid orange or red than the female. More

* Notes: School of Darter are only found in parts of Terokkar Forest accessible without a flying mount. All areas with Highland Mixed School require a flying mount or (Druid) flight ability to reach. There are no pools in Silmyr Lake. * Commentary: Until Patch 2. More

darter in the wild or even realize that such creatures exist? As the smallest members of the perch family, they rarely exceed four inches in length. For this reason, no one looks at them as table fare, as we see the yellow perch and walleye. Although they are sometimes used as bait by anglers, they are not as popular as blacknose dace, shiners or stonecats. Still, darters are arguably the most attractive of all Pennsylvania fishes in terms of physical appearance. More

The endangered watercress darter is found in only a handful of springs in central Alabama. Blue horizontal line Overview Watercress Darter National Wildlife Refuge Watercress Darter NWR, near Bessemer, Jefferson County, Alabama, was established by the Service in 1980 to provide protection for the endangered watercress darter. More

Watercress Darter National Wildlife RefugeSoutheast Region * Refuge Finder * Service Finder * Office Finder * Contact Finder * Home * Directions to Refuge * Fact Sheet Map of the Southeast Region Welcome to Watercress Darter NWR - The endangered watercress darter is found in only a handful More

The "Ice Darter" ice fishing lure is very unique in it's design. The "Ice Darter" balanced ice fishing jig comes in two sizes; a size 6 (small) and a size 8 (large). The size 6 "Ice Darter" ice fishing jig is very comparable to a size 5 jigging Rapala, but weighs exactly 14 grams… the same as a #7 jigging Rapala. More

though the American Darter is quite unrelated to the wild turkey ... More From Wikipedia » Shopping - Shopping from Amazon The Snail Darter Case: TVA Versus the Endangered Species ... $15.95 $15.95 ... Tennessee River, construction on a dam that had already cost taxpayers $100 million came crashing to a halt. More

Lindy Fishing Home » Ice Fishing Lures » Lindy DarterEmail This Page Lindy Darter View Larger Image icefishinglures Lindy Darter = Customer Reviews 5.0 Read reviews (1) While the Lindy Darter's rattle chamber mimics the sounds of a distressed baitfish and attracts fish from long distances, the erratic darting action closes the deal, evoking savage strikes from walleye, sauger, pike and other predators. More

Status of the Arkansas Darter in South-central Kansas and Adjacent Oklahoma = Discussion - - Based on information from the 1994 through 1997 surveys, the Arkansas darter still occurred throughout most of its historic range in south-central Kansas and adjacent Oklahoma (Fig. 2). We also collected it within what had been a large gap in its distribution in the upper Salt Fork Arkansas River Basin. More

darterdarter - fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed billanhinga, snakebirdpelecaniform seabird - large fish-eating seabird with four-toed webbed feetgenus Anhinga - type genus of the AnhingidaeAnhinga anhinga, water turkey - blackish New World snakebird of swampy regions 2. More

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Order : Pelecaniformes
Family : Anhingidae
Genus : Anhinga
Species : melanogaster
Authority : Pennant, 1769