Drab-breasted Bamboo-Tyrant

The Drab-breasted Bamboo-Tyrant is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

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Drab-breasted Bamboo-Tyrant (for the name alone!); Grey Monjita as a flat-tire bonus; a pair of Streamer-tailed Tyrants doing their full wing-spreading display in the open area below the park; gorgeous Rufous-headed Tanagers at the Hotel Donati; the dazzling trio of Green-headed, Brassy-breasted, and Gilt-edged tanagers, the latter in greater numbers and easier to see than seems usual; a pair of Great Pampa-Finches putting on a show at Agulhas Negras; and a handsome Thick-billed Saltator in the same area. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Tyrannidae
Genus : Hemitriccus
Species : diops
Authority : (Temminck, 1822)