Turdoides fulva

The Fulvous Babbler or Fulvous Chatterer is a species of bird in the Old World babbler family, Timaliidae. It is 25 cm long with a wingspan of 27-30.5 cm. It is warm brown above with very faint streaking on the crown and back. The throat is whitish and the rest of the underparts are pale brown.

The Turdoides fulva is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

These were Fulvous babbler Turdoides fulva (the only species of the EFGR that occurs in northern Africa) . They move with a strange gait that combines both running and hopping and hang out in little family groups. Babblers (timaliids) are an immense and highly diverse group of sylvioid passerines that occur throughout the Old World tropics: one species often classified as a babbler, the Wrentit Chamaea fasciata, occurs in western North America, but recent work suggests that it isn't a babbler in the strict sense. More

cratérope fauve Turdoides fulva, alouette clotbey Ramphocoris clotbey, Moineau Blanc Passer simplex, Sirli du désert Alaemon alaudipes, Traquet à tête blanche Oenanthe leucopyga. - Dîner et nuitée en bivouac. Jour 8 - Départ vers Tozeur la plus grande oasis de Tunisie où nous pourrons observer les espèces endémique du Djérid : Ganga Tacheté, Cata, Sirli du désert , sarcelle marbrée. - Dîner et nuitée à l’hôtel à Tozeur. More

Turdoides fulva, lark clotbey , White Sparrow, Desert Lark Alaemon alaudipes,. - Dinner and overnight in the camp. Day 8 - Depart to Tozeur the largest oasis in Tunisia where we can watch local species of the Djerid oasis: Marbled duck, House Bunting, Ganga cata. - Dinner and overnight at the hotel in Tozeur. Day 9 - Transfer to airport for flight home. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Timaliidae
Genus : Turdoides
Species : fulva
Authority : (Desfontaines, 1789)