Golden Parrotbill

The Golden Parrotbill is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Golden Parrotbill (Paradoxornis verreauxi) is a species of bird in the Timaliidae family. It is found in China, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist montane forests. Its scientific name commemorates French ornithologist and collector Jules Verreaux. References - * BirdLife International 2004. Paradoxornis verreauxi. 2006 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Downloaded on 26 July 2007. More

* Golden Parrotbill, Paradoxornis (Suthora) verreauxi Incertae sedis * Short-tailed Parrotbill, Paradoxornis (Neosuthora) davidianus Paradoxornithinae? - Conceivably, the parrotbills and their closest relatives might be considered a distinct subfamily Paradoxornithinae; they appear to form a fairly well-supported clade though the position in regard to basal Sylviidae is unclear (Cibois 2003a, Jønsson & Fjeldså 2006). More

* 1 1 8 17 Golden Parrotbill (Paradoxornis verreauxi) * 0 8 18 Short-tailed Parrotbill (Paradoxornis davidianus) * 1 1 8 19 Lesser Rufous-headed Parrotbill (Paradoxornis atrosuperciliaris) * 3 1 1 1 8 20 Greater Rufous-headed Parrotbill (Paradoxornis ruficeps) * 8 1 4 3 6 21 Reed Parrotbill (Paradoxornis heudei) * 3 3 6 6 Black-crowned Parrotbill (Paradoxornis margaritae) More

Golden Parrotbill (Paradoxornis verreauxi) = French: Paradoxornis de Verreaux German: Goldstirn-Papageimeise Spanish: Picoloro Dorado Other common names: Blyth’s Parrotbill Taxonomy: Suthora verreauxi Sharpe, 1883, “le Thibet oriental”; type specimen from Baoxing, Sichuan, China. Initially described by J. Verreaux as Suthora gularis, but that name invalid, as preoccupied. Sometimes placed together with P. conspicillatus, P. webbianus, P. brunneus, P. alphonsianus, P. zappeyi, P. przewalskii, P. fulvifrons, P. nipalensis and P. More

Golden Parrotbill Paradoxornis verreauxi verreauxi Golden Parrotbill Photographer : More

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The Golden Parrotbill is a small (11.5 cm) bird with a relatively large, rounded head and a small, thick parrotlike beak. The head and neck are a rich rufous brown, the back and tail a warm chestnut brown. The central underparts are white and the flanks are rufous brown. The flight feathers and tertials are black broadly edged with whitish, and the throat is black. More

Golden Parrotbill Paradoxornis verreauxi IUCN Red List history Year Category 2009 Least Concern 2008 Least Concern 2004 Least Concern 2000 Lower Risk/Least Concern 1994 Lower Risk/Least Concern 1988 Lower Risk/Least Concern Range Estimate More


Golden Parrotbill Paradoxornis verreauxi = Described by: Sharpe (1883) Alternate common name(s): Orange Parrotbill Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors Photographs No photographs are available for this species Range (1) S. China (e. Sikang, sw. Szechwan, s. Shensi, w. Hunan s. to n. Yunnan, and ne. Kwangsi), ex. cw. Burma. (2) China (nw. Fukien). (3) Taiwan. More

Golden Parrotbill (Paradoxornis verreauxi ssp verrauxi), China, Ba da gong shan / Hunan province 30/05/09 © Golden Parrotbill (Paradoxornis verreauxi ssp verrauxi) - Showing Records 1 through 4 of 4 Total Records More

species overview :: Golden Parrotbill (Paradoxornis verreauxi) = Nr. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Timaliidae
Genus : Paradoxornis
Species : verreauxi
Authority : (Sharpe, 1883)