Common Bush Tanager

The Common Bush-tanager is a small passerine bird. It is a resident breeder in the highlands from central Mexico south to Bolivia and northwest Argentina. C. ophthalmicus in the loose sense is a notorious cryptic species complex, and several of the up to 25 subspecies recognized in recent times are likely to be distinct species. Some populations in fact appear to be more distinct than several other members of Chlorospingus.

The Common Bush Tanager is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

close portrait of the Common Bush Tanager at the feeding table with good pose, sharpness and set in a fine composition with blurred natural BG. More

Common Bush TanagerThe Common Bush-Tanager (Chlorospingus ophthalmicus) adult Common Bush-Tanager is 13.5 cm long, weighs 20g and has a brown head with a white spot behind the eye and a grey throat. It has olive upperparts and yellow underparts, becoming white on the belly. Immatures are browner above, darker below, and have a duller olive eye spot. More

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Common Bush Tanager on wall Common Bush-tanager Locations for recordings with GPS coordinates page 1 2 3 next -> Common Bush-Tanager Song Chlorospingus ophthalmicus bolivianus (0:30) Sjoerd Mayer XC1995 21-11-1993, Bolivia Common Bush-Tanager Final trill of song Chlorospingus ophthalmicus bolivianus (0:10) Sjoerd Mayer XC2023 26-11-1993, Bolivia Common Bush-Tanager More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Thraupidae
Genus : Chlorospingus
Species : ophthalmicus
Authority : (Du Bus de Gisignies, 1847)