Ocellated Antbird

The species is 19cm long and weighs around 50 g. The eye is surrounded by a large area of bare blue coloured skin. The plumage varies slightly amongst the three subspecies, but overall it has a grey crown, black throat with a buff breast changing into a spotted belly and back.

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The Ocellated Antbird is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

its range, the Ocellated Antbird is the largest of the obligate ant-following antbirds and is dominant over other members of the family, although it is subordinate to various species from other families (including certain woodcreepers, motmots and the Rufous-vented Ground-cuckoo). At a swarm, the dominant species occupies positions above the central front of the swarm, which yields the largest amount of prey. More

The Ocellated Antbird (Phaenostictus mcleannani) is a species of antbird in the family Thamnophilidae. It is monotypic within the genus Phaenostictus. It is found in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama. Its natural habitat is the understory of moist lowland forests, foothill forest and tall secondary growth woodlands. The species is 19cm long and weighs around 50 g. The eye is surrounded by a large area of bare blue coloured skin. More

Ocellated Antbirds have an unusual social system where the breeding pair forms the nucleus of a group or clan that includes their male offspring and their mates. These clans, which can number up to eight birds, work together to defend territories against rivals. Pair bonds are formed with courtship feeding, where the male presents food items to the female. More

For the purposes of our bird news services, Ocellated Antbird is classed as Ungraded: species which are unlikely to appear as wild birds in Britain or Ireland hide section Most recent photos of Ocellated Antbird (1) Pipeline Road, Panama Pipeline Road, Panama11/03/2006 Pipeline Road, Panama 11/03/2006 View all pictures of Ocellated Antbird View all pictures of Ocellated Antbird show section External Links (0) We currently have no external links for this species. More

Ocellated Antbird is a prized find for birders visiting central Panama, but is still somewhat common around ant swarms in the Canal area (where I filmed the bird pictured below in July of 2005). Ornithologically-speaking the recent discovery of this species at Altos del Maria, at an elevation of about 950m, is much more noteworthy, as this is a high elevation for the species. More

Ocellated Antbird - if you find an army ant swarm you have great chances to find this species, although the Saino Trail seems to be quite good even without the antbirds. Spotted Antbird - easy to find in any patch of forest in the area, the Saino Trail, Waterfall Trail, and Hanging Brdiges are good sites for it. Dull-mantled Antbird - El Saino Trail seems to be the best to see this antbird. Also found in the Hanging Bridges of Arenal with frequency. More

We studied a population of ocellated antbirds located in an area of 392 ha at La Selva Biological Station in Costa Rica (10°25′ N, 84°01′ W) . Data were collected in three 14-week field seasons, from February 2005 to September 2006. Ocellated antbirds were captured with mist-nets set up at army ant colonies. A small blood sample was collected for molecular sexing and genetic analysis. All birds were uniquely banded. More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Thamnophilidae
Genus : Phaenostictus
Species : mcleannani
Authority : (Lawrence, 1860)