It is a robust typical warbler, mainly grey in plumage. Like most Sylvia species, it has distinct male and female plumages: The male has the small black cap from which the species gets its name, whereas in the female the cap is light brown. This is a bird of shady woodlands with ground cover for nesting. The nest is built in a low shrub, and 3–6 eggs are laid. The song is a pleasant chattering with some clearer notes like a Blackbird. This full song can be confused with that of the Garden Warbler, but in the Blackcap, it characteristically ends with an emphatic fluting warble. Especially in isolated Blackcap populations , a simplified song can occur. This song is said to have a Leiern-type ending after the term used by German ornithologists who first described it. The introduction is like that in other Blackcaps, but the final warbling part is a simple alteration between two notes, as in a Great Tit's call but more fluting .

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The Blackcap is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

The Blackcap, Sylvia atricapilla, is a common and widespread sylviid warbler which breeds throughout northern and temperate Europe. Its color pattern is unique in the genus Sylvia; the Blackcap's closest living relative is the Garden Warbler which looks different but has very similar vocalizations. These two, whose ranges extend farther northeastwards than other Sylvia, seem to form sister species well distinct from the other typical warblers (The Sylvia Monograph, A & C Black, London; Jønsson & Fjeldså 2006). More

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"La Capinera" (Italian for Blackcap) is the title of one of the most famous poems by Giovanni Pascoli. Storia di una capinera is a 1993 movie directed by Franco Zeffirelli and distributed with the international title "Sparrow". The Blackcap is considered a delicacy in some Mediterranean countries where many of these birds are illegally trapped and killed every year. The Blackcap's call symbolises St Francis in Messiaen's opera, Saint-François d'Assise. More

A ringer in a Rhos-on-Sea garden reports several blackcaps, some of which may have passed this way before.bird notes by Daily Post (Liverpool, England)A rich chorus of songbirds, including willow warblers, chiffchaffs and blackcaps, is expected to be heard, with a free bird food pack for the first 30 people to turn up.Celebrate with an early start; INBRIEF by Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)A few - such as the Blackcap - have started to adapt by spending winters in Britain, but such behaviour remains exceptional, the study said. More

* Blackcaps in winter * Videos Audio is from commercial recordings Bird Songs and Calls of Britain and Europe on 4 CDs or Bird Sounds of Europe & North-west Africa, copyright WildSounds & CEBA (www.wildsounds. More

today but the highlight has to be the pair of Blackcaps that arrived initially on one of my ornamental crab apple trees. I have attached a couple of shots, one showing the pair on the tree and another of the female Blackcap feeding from one of the many pieces of apple i have put out. More

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heineken) of Blackcap is endemic to Macaronesia, being easily identified by its loud song and non-musical calls, at times not unlike those of the Blackbird. Its body is grey, the back being darker than the inner part, and the males have a black cap, while the cap on the females is reddish-brown. There is also a melanistic variety of this species, whose colour is much darker, with all head black, due to a recessive gene, it is the (S. a. obscura) subspecies. More

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The Blackcap Babbler, Turdoides reinwardtii, is an Old World babbler. The Old World babblers are a large family of Old World passerine birds characterised by soft fluffy plumage. These are birds of tropical areas, with the greatest variety in southeast Asia. The Blackcap Babbler is a common resident breeding bird in west Africa from Senegal to Cameroon. Its habitat is thick scrub and forest. This species, like most babblers, is not migratory, and has short rounded wings and a weak flight. More

Blackcap is a medium-sized warbler very common in its range. Adult male has grey-brown upperparts, including wings and tail which are slightly darker. Underparts are pale grey. Head is pale grey with black cap. The thin, straight bill has blackish culmen and tip. Eyes are dark brown with dark grey eye-ring above and white below. Legs and feet are grey. More

vues Harry75 — 18 mars 2007 — Female Blackcap in our garden on 17th March 2007. Harry75 — 18 mars 2007 — Female Blackcap in our garden on 17th March 2007. More

Aspects of the topic blackcap are discussed in the following additional content sources. * Magazines * Change in the Air. Natural History, September 2006 Expand Your Research: Try searching magazines and ebooks for "blackcap". No results found. - Type a word or double click on any word to see a definition from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. More

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Blackcaps arrive in April or May and spend the summer breeding in our woodlands, parks and mature gardens. In September or October they depart for their wintering grounds in the Mediterranean and North Africa. In the 1940s there were only a handful of blackcaps seen wintering in the UK, and most of those were in the south-west of England. Over the years, the number has increased and spread further north. More

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