Yellow-browed Warbler

The Yellow-browed Warbler or Inornate Warbler is a leaf warbler which breeds in temperate Asia. This warbler is strongly migratory and winters in tropical Southeast Asia. Like most similar birds, it was formerly included in the Old World warbler assemblage.

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The Yellow-browed Warbler is classified as Least Concern. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category.

Yellow-browed Warbler in the western Sayan Mountains, but the species apparently do not hybridize. Their lineages diverged roughly 2.5 million years ago. Footnotes - 1. ^ Alström & Olsson (1988), Shirihai & Madge (1993), Irwin et al. (2001), Sangster et al. (2002) 2. ^ Inskipp et al. (2000) 3. ^ BLI (2008) 4. More

vues alexanderlees — 8 octobre 2007 — Yellow-browed Warbler, in a clifftop field at Paston, East Norfolk alexanderlees — 8 octobre 2007 — Yellow-browed Warbler, in a clifftop field at Paston, East NorfolkCatégorie : Animaux Tags :Yellow-browed Warbler migrant norfolk birds Chargement… J'aime Enregistrer dans Partager E-mail Skyrock Facebook Twitter MySpace Live Spaces Blogger orkut Buzz reddit Digg Chargement… Connectez-vous ou inscrivez-vous dès maintenant ! Publier un commentaire Répondre Chargement… Résultats pour : More

For the purposes of our bird news services, Yellow-browed Warbler is classed as Scarce: broadly speaking, species that are covered in British Birds' annual review of scarce species (and forms of similar rarity). More

Yellow-browed Warbler is a leaf warbler which breeds in Asia east from the Urals to China, it is strongly migratory and winters in southeast Asia. It is an abundant bird of lowland and mountain woodlands. There were formerly considered to be three forms, but the forms 'humei' and 'mandellii' now comprise the closely related Hume's Leaf Warbler. More

Yellow-browed Warbler records in the Western Isles Scarce autumn visitor (Very small numbers each year) Source: Outer Hebrides Bird Report (2001) The chart below shows how abundant the Yellow-browed Warbler is during a month or when you are more likely to see it. More

The Yellow-browed Warbler has a rather more eastern breeding range than Hume’s and winters mainly east of Central Nepal, in Bangladesh, as well as southern India. It is a rather brighter and cleaner-looking bird than Hume’s, with yellower wingbars and a yellow supercilium. The underparts are whiter whilst the upperparts have a yellowish tinge to the olive green. More

in the field (and even in the hand) as Yellow-browed Warblers, that ended up calling closer to Hume's and vice versa. There is much more to elaborate on the subject and much information is still to be gained. I am attaching a series of images of the bird in the hand, your comments are welcome. Jonathan Meyrav - Contact info - Daphna Abell Program Coordinator More

So why do so many Yellow-browed Warblers reach Britain each autumn? Many theories have been proposed, including reverse migration, genetic mutation and natural dispersal. What is not in dispute is that the records of Yellow-browed (and related species such as Pallas’s Warbler) have increased more than could be due to the growth in the number of birders. Yellow-browed Warblers have now been seen in most European countries, as well as in North Africa and the Middle East. More

Synonym of yellow-browed warbler in thesaurus Yellow-browed warbler Translation = More Languages: Yellow-browed warbler Translation On Other Language: English Spanish Yellow-browed warbler in English The Yellow-browed Warbler or Inornate Warbler, (Phylloscopus inornatus) is a leaf warbler which breeds in Asia east from the Urals to China. This warbler is strongly migratory and winters in southeast Asia. This is an abundant bird of lowland and mountain woodlands. More

Yellow-browed Warbler is the more disyllabic call. While the Eastern and Western Hume's Leaf Warblers already show noticeable differences in mtDNA sequence and calls, their songs do not differ; they are reproductively isolated only by allopatry and not usually considered separate species. Ecology and evolution - This is a common bird of mountain woodlands at altitudes of up to 3,500m ASL. More

Yellow-browed Warbler (Phylloscopus inornatus) originally found by Steven Mlodinow on 24 March 2007. The photos below were taken on a chase trip 7 April 2007 at Miraflores, Baja California Sur between 12:00pm and 2:00pm local time. This photo shows the prominent yellowish supercilium and dark line through eye Note the dark mottled ear coverts. This photo helps illustrate its short-tailed appearance. Note how the supercilium meets on the forehead. More

Yellow-browed Warbler Phylloscopus inornatus at Hengistbury Head - 13th October 2008 On a day when I was ringing on my own I didn't hold out much hope of a good session, especially as the forecast was for showers later. However, with just 4 nets to tend I managed a good haul including 13 Lesser Redpoll, 12 Chiffchaff and 8 Goldcrest. The morning soon exploded into life when around 9. More

son today found a YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER along the Vergias River at Skala Eresou. If accepted this would be the first record for the island and only the eighth record for Greece. Other birds reported by Jean-Philippe are GREATER SPOTTED EAGLE and Merlin (no further details) and at Metochi Lake up to 4 Little Crakes and a Spotted Crake. Labels: greater spotted eagle, lesbos, lesbos birding, lesvos, lesvos birding, yellow-browed warbler Newer Post Older Post Home Lesvos Birding uses . . . More

Yellow-browed Warblers in the North West - Autumn 2005 by Steve Williams Back to Home Page Introduction The status of Yellow-browed Warbler Phylloscopus inornatus in the UK has previously been described as ‘a vagrant from Asia’. More

* Yellow-browed Warbler at Nanquidno * Accepted Records for Cornwall in 2008 * Juv Spoonbill at Cornwall's hottest site * Little Egrets at Marazion Marsh * Pied Wagtails and flies * Mippets in the More

FIRST RECORD OF YELLOW-BROWED WARBLER (PHYLLOSCOPUS INORNATUS) IN NORTH AMERICA LEHMAN, PAUL P. O. Box 379, Cape May, New Jersey 08204 For many years I have had an interest in the autumn migration in western Alaska's islands. More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Sylviidae
Genus : Phylloscopus
Species : inornatus
Authority : (Blyth, 1842)