Bradypterus bangwaensis

The Bangwa Scrub-warbler is a species of Old World warbler in the Sylviidae family. It is found in Cameroon and Nigeria. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical moist montanes and subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland. It is threatened by habitat loss.

The Bradypterus bangwaensis is classified as Near Threatened (NT), is close to qualifying for or is likely to qualify for a threatened category in the near future.

Range & population Bradypterus bangwaensis is known from the Obudu Plateau, Mambilla Plateau and Gotel Mountains, Nigeria5, and from Mt Oku, Banso Mountains, Bamenda Highlands, Bamboutos Mountains, Bamileke Plateau, Mt Manenguba, the western part of the Adamawa highlands and Poli, Cameroon6,7. It is found between 2,000 and 2,900 m on Mt Oku, but must have declined there given the loss below 2,200 m of any kind of bush habitat2. More

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Order : Passeriformes
Family : Sylviidae
Genus : Bradypterus
Species : bangwaensis
Authority : Delacour, 1943