Yellow-bearded Greenbul

The Yellow-throated Olive Greenbul is a species of songbird in the Pycnonotidae family. It is found in Ivory Coast, Ghana, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.

The Yellow-bearded Greenbul is classified as Vulnerable (VU), considered to be facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

(Criniger olivaceus) Yellow-bearded Greenbul Add this Bird STATISTICS: Total Species on Checklist: 130 Species Reported: 9 RECENT SIGHTINGS IN THIS REGION: Light-vented Bulbul Map | 03/13/2010 White-cheeked Bulbul Map | 03/06/2010 Black-crested Bulbul Map | 01/30/2010 Red-vented Bulbul Map | 01/08/2010 Red-whiskered Bulbul Map | 01/05/2010 More

Order : Passeriformes
Family : Pycnonotidae
Genus : Criniger
Species : olivaceus
Authority : (Swainson, 1837)